I finished Tsukihime

Which is a pretty good way to spend some time when you’re out of your mind sick. I thoroughly enjoyed Tsukihime. It did have the format of you pick the girl you pursue and go from there (although the H-scenes were a total joke). However, the main story, a mix of supernatural, mystery and horror, changed every path, with more being revealed about certain characters and events as the game went. It isn’t possible to understand what’s going on without playing the whole thing. Even going through the whole thing, there some things that are still…weird. Thoughts on particular paths below the cut.

Basically, this visual novel does what’s it’s suppose to do–make the reader react emotionally. It made me angry, sad, creeped out, scared, and happy. It also made me laugh a lot, but I don’t think the sex scenes were meant to do that…

The H-scenes made me really hate Shiki. Otherwise, he'd be pretty amusing. A clueless loser so far over his head...


This was the first path I played through, and I obviously enjoyed it, as I kept playing. I feel like if I went back now, I’d understand so much more. I really liked the juxtaposition of her personality, and what she is. One moment, absolutely terrifying, the next she’s acting like a little girl. I didn’t like her true end, it felt too much like, “I really can’t let this be a nice ending, so I have to come up with something silly to make it depressing. Buh-bye!”  The good ending fit into the path much better. I feel the true ending would have been better if she’d stayed dead.


Ciel was my favorite character. She was flat-out kick-ass. Her lessons when you died were pretty dang awesome as well. So I really don’t like saying this, but having played through the game, I still feel this way. Her path had the weakest writing. Up to the point where she was trying to kill Shiki was really cool. After that, it just fell apart. The constant bickering between Arcrueid and her got old really fast, and it I wanted to smack all the characters during that part upside the head. I liked the True End best in this past, if mainly because the Good End was so ludicrous. Gah.


Incest! Actually, I really enjoyed the relationship part of this path despite the incest. Watching the brother and sister come back together was really touching, and the ending really gave it a punch. This path has no happy end, and both endings are heart-wrenching and a punch to the gut. To be honest, incest is the least of this families worries anyways.

Hisui and Kohaku

Ah, the twins. Also two of the most messed up paths in the games. Always beware of twins. Especially if one of them is a pharmacist.

Hisui-Probably my favorite path. Everything comes together so well, from the start to the true end and not only has one hell of a twist, but packs one hell of a punch. The good end really feels like a joke, I mean it’s nice and happy, but the true end, while sad, is so good.

Kohaku-Man, if My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute goes this route, I think I’d love that anime forever. This is when incest goes very very wrong. I really enjoyed this one. The only bothersome part is everything feels too convenient in the end. Not to mention, didn’t we already learn from SHIKI it’s a bad idea not to kill possess Tohno members? Never the less, I can forgive that for the sake of having a game end on a nice note, especially after the terribly depressing end of Hisui’s path…


I really like this piece of fanart.



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4 responses to “I finished Tsukihime

  1. As a T-Mfag, I had to object over a few things:

    1. Arcueid wasn’t dead in any of the paths. It is said that some high-level vampires (such as the 27 Dead Apostles, and of course the True Ancestors) can create a copy of themselves using their powers and implant their will in the said vessel. This is merely what Arcueid did. So when she can’t control her urges, she simply cut the link on the vessel, retrieved her will, and proceeded to sleep eternally.

    2. You haven’t really explained much on the writing and the scenes for anyone (eroge gamer, T-Mfag or whatnot) to be able to grasp what you wrote.

    3. I do agree that the hscenes were badly written. Kudos for that.

    • 1. Oh, so that’s what happened. I guess I would have preferred if she’d died in the True End though, although if she fell asleep for eternally, she kinda did.

      2. Ah, sorry. The part before the cut was what I directed for my readers, assuming they knew nothing. I didn’t really want to reveal what happened in the story and spoil it, but as the same time, the only way to stop my thoughts on the game from repeating in my head was to write them out. It wasn’t meant to be a formal post so much as write out my thoughts so I wouldn’t have to worry about them anymore. ^_^ If I’d wanted to write a formal post, I probably would have done an actual review, in this case, I’ll just leave me thoughts and musings as is, even if I’m only one who can understand them.

      • –If I go back and write a formal post, it’ll be when I have more time, and have played Melty Blood.

        But yes, my posts tend to be hits and misses.

      • Don’t mind me too much. I just love rambling about how complex and obscure Nasu’s writing is. I hope I didn’t really offend.

        Anyways, more on Arcueid’s case, she did simply disappear into mist on her and Ciel’s True Route, the first because she proceeds to sleep for eternity in order to control her vampiric urges, and the second because she lost interest in Shiki because Shiki loved Ciel (and probably convinced herself that her power is safe in Ciel’s body because Shiki’s there).

        I think you’ll get a more intensive explanation to Arcueid’s phenomenon by Nrvnqsr if you play Kagetsu Tohya, Tsukihime’s sequel.

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