My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute 05

I thought this was the saddest part of the episode…

All those comics are probably ruined…unless they were really well made, or wrapped in plastic. A circle of artists probably worked really hard on those, put a lot of love, um perviness, and heart into them, and now they’re ruined because of the stupid storm and the fact that Kirino’s friend couldn’t respect the word “No.”

Not to mention the wasted money. I don’t know how much they sell for in Japan, but I know to get these nifty comics over here, it costs a pretty penny(although I’m sure the Middleman profits quite a bit.).

And then there’s the fact she can only get the comics at the Winter and Summer Comiket outside of online sources. Even so, she’ll never be able to get these comics again.

Definitely the saddest part of the whole episode by far.

(Also, Ayase cares more about her friend being an otaku then coming across a scene where, well, it didn’t even look like an incest relationship, any passerby would see it as the brother forcing himself on the sister, but she accepts the brother’s version as the truth and is okay with it. If your friend’s brother is trying to rape her, he’s going to lie about it.  This is just the parody exaggerating how badly people react to people being otakus? No one sane would react right that? Right?)

(Another comment, I’m thinking Kirino missed our main heroes testicles. Only way it made sense. It was pretty whimsical actually, although I heard about girls doing that real when they’re pissed at their brothers and in the position to do so…so I mean, it’s not surprising for her to do it, it’s just…well it changed the mood of the scene by being over the top at the same time. Also, our main hero must lack an ability to get mad at Kirino. Either that, or he always suppresses his rage against Kirino and then uses it to shock his father and disappoint his father, which our hero secretly enjoys.)

(I do enjoy the show. I loved the conversation between Ayase and Bro. Just…some parts are meant to be poked fun at. Don’t take poking fun=disliking the show)


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6 responses to “My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute 05

  1. Okay, so I wasn’t the only one that felt really sad at that scene.

    I’ve been watching My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute and it feels very surreal at times. I’m an older brother to 4 sisters and I can honestly say at times the show creeps me out but other times they so completely nail the real older brother/younger sister dynamic that I love the show.

  2. omo

    People get their doujinshi from Melonbooks or Mandarake or any of those B&M doujinshi stores in Japan today, probably as much as they do from big events… Well Comiket still has a very high gross because a lot of stuff there you can’t get otherwise.

  3. Yi

    I thought the same thing too. I hope they were in plastic…

    And if I were Ayase, I’d probably tell Kirino’s paretns for Kirino’s own good.

  4. Having been to Japan, I can say with firsthand experience those fuckers are expansive anywhere. She’s probably staring at 70 bucks she’s never gonna get back.

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