Leisure Suit Larry 2 part 2: The TV Studio

I wonder when I’ll actually get to playing the next part. I’m feeling better! Yay! This means I’m well enough to work on homework! Boo! Anyway, now that Larry’s got his awesome lottery ticket of perfection, and it’s sure to be a winner, time to take it to the TV studio.

This pretty much confirms that Larry is a total loser. And I don't have much life either to be playing a game from before I was born. So I'm a loser playing a total loser...

I try to hit on the receptionist, but she wasn’t interested in me. Pffft…who doesn’t want a piece of this. So I show her my lottery ticket instead. That will win her over!

That isn't my lottery ticket....

Well, if she can’t see…what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her. My awesome lottery ticket, according to me, now has those numbers.  It seemed to work for a bit, she congratulated me and then led me back to the green room…AND LEFT ME THERE! DAMMIT!

Yeah, this is a TOTAL rip-off

And you sit on a bench. And wait. Wait some more. Maybe that receptionist will come back…


Not the receptionist…

Yep, Larry is stuck in a gameshow that he never asked to be on in the first place. The dating connection is pretty simple, one girl, three guys, a curtain inbetween, the chick asks questions and chooses the guy. To be honest, I could not figure out for the life of me what she was asking, and according to the game guide, my answers don’t matter.

I think it was something about what I’d do if the heel of her high heel broke.

Women are so damn picky. She can’t even ask a question that makes sense. Next I could tell what it was, but seriously, if I was a flower, what would I be, and what insect would you be?




The maid line ALWAYS wins the ladies~





Shut up. I won far and square. I’m going on the cruise, and that’s that. Now I’m going to take the cruise ticket, take Larry, and go wait in the not green green room some more.



And we wait...


Yeah, yeah, yeah, not my fault.

The next part is kinda dull. Larry, having finally gotten to the lottery show, spins a wheel, and automatically wins a million dollars. Stealing a dollar from the women who dumped Larry was more exciting.


And that’s all for the T.V. studio. Well, I did try to hit on receptionist, but she STILL wasn’t interested. Jeez.

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