Chubby Chocobo Chicks or How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Try a Facebook Game

My experience with facebook games at quite limited. When they first came about, I clicked on them, played for 15 minutes, and never touched them again in my life. There were two exceptions. One was Farmville, which I only played because people kept sending me gifts and I liked the sheep. Even so, I never cared about my plants, and my sister described my farm as a joke. The other was Zoo World, which I actually played for a long time. It reminded me of Zoo Tycoon with cuter art. It got popular, the people who made it got full of themselves, took a format that worked just fine, and made it suck. I stopped playing.

In general, I avoided Facebook games. Then Kotaku posted talking about Square Enix releasing some Facebook games (one can help if it response to their MMO flopping, they’re aiming for a different audience). They talked about the “cooler” one, but I was interested in the other one. Just, you know, checking it out for a few minutes.

1, 2, 3, Awwwwwww

The game reminds me a lot of a computer game I use to play when I was five, and the format very similar. In that game, I raised My Little Ponys to maturity. In this, one breeds and raises chocobos from chicks to adults, sends them to fights, and releases them into the wild when they grow old.

I ended up hooked on this really fast. I don’t know. The chocobo chicks are really cute. I love how chubby they are. I keep feeding them as much food as I can, even though they won’t get fatter, I can hope, right? Also, one of the aspects of dorm life, is, well, I can’t have any pets except for a fish, and I’m pretty sure I’d kill a fish. Getting to nurture and care for a ‘fake pet’ somehow fills that empty void.

I really hopes Square Enix continues to work on this game. For one, it’s still glitchy, and there still a lot of things that need to be worked on and fixed. Second of all, while I love the clothing already available to dress up the chocobos in, I also kinda wish there was more. It’s already cold here in the Midwest, and I want to bundle up my birds. Unfortunately, I only have a knit hat. Square Enix, they need winter coats!

Which reminds me, the playing with friends options are surprisingly diverse and well, interactive. I went over to Rauken of Borderline Hikkomori’s farm and I got to see him actually brushing his chocobo since he was online at the same time.

I’m not sure I understand the tower aspect very well, or how the chocobo stats play into it (besides higher is better). Am I suppose to send my chocobo without mercy into the towers until they can fight no more. I’m not sure. Frankly, I’d rather play dress-up with them.

Current outfit, feather thanks to Rakuen of Borderline Hikkomori.

No. This is not an excuse to add me on Facebook. I like to add people I meet real. But it’s still pretty cute.

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  1. It’s pretty cute, but I don’t really use Facebook anymore because of privacy concerns… more so than Twitter. :/

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