Playing Through Lesiure Suit Larry 2 part 1 Getting Started

While I’m still playing Disgaea, I’m taking a short break between it, and inbetween assignments, playing through Leisure Suit Larry 2: Looking For Love (In All The Wrong Places). Playing through the first game, my boyfriend was up to watch me play, and I quite enjoyed showing it to him. The first game was notable for being a sex comedy, and while is nothing by today’s standards, was outrageous back in the day. So outrageous, that when it came time for Larry’s sequel, they had to scale back on the sex dramatically.  Thus Leisure Suit Larry wasn’t as much of a sex comedy, had an actual story, and was bashed in reviews for not having the same spunk. While this may be the weaker of the Al Lowe Larry games, it did set the standard for them to have an actual storyline. Yay! I guess.

Anyway, since my boyfriend is not here, I’m posting my playthrough of the game for him (and anyway else to see). And yes, this is pirated. Why I’m admitting this, is so that if Sierra sees it, I’ll explain to why I haven’t bought their game. See, Sierra decided that they should release Space Quest/King’s Quest/LSL/Police Quest in sets that include the first five games or something. Great idea, right? Too bad they decided that while they were at it, to update the graphics so the no longer have that nostalgic feel and instead look really bad, and make every game a point and click even when it wasn’t one in the first place. At least, they did it with Space Quest. I’m not wasting my money on anymore. If you’re going to rerelease the games, rerelease the actual game. I will pay for it.

Alright, let’s start…

You go through copy-protection EVERY TIME YOU OPEN THE GAME. I kid you not. Who thought that was a good idea?

Oh wow, 1988. I wasn’t even born then. Anyway, the game picks up right where the first game left off (play the first game, it’s short, sweet, a classic, and funny to boot.) where Larry had his heart broken by some chick in the last game. I don’t really remember her too well, I was too busy being pissed that the blow-up doll just-oh, spoiler alert. Sorry.

I wish my DS had graphics this good.

What now? Like any text-based adventure, let’s go to garage and look for goodies. Oooooh, we find….a dollar bill. Let’s take it!

Morality…what morality? I’m rich  now!

Next is to wander aimlessly around town. Luckily, I did a little research, and many places advised I play with a game guide. According to my Mommy, back in the day, these games were made frustrating on purpose so you’d be forced to call the helplines, which charged per the minute. Now in the dawn of the internet, that doesn’t work so well, as you can help for free. That’s what my Mommy says, and I don’t question her…anywho, I know where I’m going. Trust me.


Keep on walking…

Ha. Ha. Ha. Last I checked, friends don't kill friends.

I've never really wanted to play Police seems so srs business

Yeah…let’s go into the store already.


Hot pixel chick! Go get her Larry!


Yeah, I don’t think he’s getting any guys. Let’s just buy a lottery ticket a be on a our way.


It doesn’t matter what you put, so I put THE  BEST NUMBERS EVER.

Anyway, that’s all for now.

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