Disgaea just got frusterating for me

Inbetween working on homework, and this amazing cold I developed as I always get sick when stressed, I’ve been playing through the same game I’ve been playing through since August: Disgaea.

I’m severely underleveled in Disgaea due to my usual “I want to level everyone up” tactics. For the most part, I’ve been able to compensate for being underleavled with having high leveled and top tier gear as well as (well, I’d like to think) my awesome tactics. So it really hasn’t been a big deal, and actually I haven’t really noticed it as a handicap.

Then I reach the stage called Hero’s Tomb. This is the first stage that I’ve run into that will punish you for being underleveled. I’m about…10-20 levels under the “suggested level” for this stage.

Major grinding time. But I don’t want to grind, I’m already stressed, and after having grinded anyway on and off today, I think I’ve gone up three levels…but when I finish this, I have only three episodes left, and end game! I can’t quit now!


Where’s winter break when you need it? Over a month away.

I'm so tired and burned out right now...



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4 responses to “Disgaea just got frusterating for me

  1. Have you tried grinding while levelling your gear in the Item World? That way, your guys get stronger while you slowly juice up their gear more. The only thing you need to watch out: the higher the attack/defense power of the gear, the stronger the enemies.

    I’d suggest levelling some rare or legendary low tier equipment, merging its residents, then level some other useless items to get and combine its residents to the levelled/low tier gear that you need to use.

    • That’s pretty much what I’ve been doing, but that’s a different way of approaching it. Thanks!

      Although thanks to some late night insomnia, I’m a lot closer. ^_^

  2. The overall problem with the Disgaea series (and NIS in general) is that at a certain point, the game really ceases being about tactics. It’ll boil down to either you kill this enemy right NOW, or it will kill you about 5 seconds later. Repeat for every enemy on the field. The sole exception to this that I’ve played is Trinity Universe, because it plays a bit differently.

    If you want a little help with gaining experience, Statistician specialists in equipment give +1% experience per point, up to 300% total bonus. Armsmasters give +1% weapon experience per point as well, with the same cap. Good luck!

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