Reflection on Yuno and Abusive Relationships

Even though the anime had only two episodes to develop and conclude the story, from what we could see from Yuno’s state of mind, the anime portrayed the results of being very well. It’s hard to forget the images of terrified Yuno huddled in her bed, the battery having been ripped from her cell phone. While Yuno had been working at getting better, a confrontation with her Ex, and return of abuse from him cause her to break down.

People that come out of an abusive relationship are generally in poor state of mind. They often suffer from problems with depression, and have an increased possibility of committing suicide. We’ve watched Yuno struggle with low self-esteem and depression, and saw that when she relapsed, she definitely no longer wished to be alive, begging to disappear.

Another long-term effect from being in an abusive relationship is the development of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I was personally diagnosed with it back in June 2010 . Among many others, it brings general anxiety and panic attacks into the lives of those who suffer from it.  When Yuno sees Sado, she starts to have what seems to be a panic attack, and her phobia would have resulted from her anxiety.

Due to these long term effects, leaving a abusive relationship can be hard, and the victim can remain in a fragile state of mind for a good length of time after the relationships. From personal experience, this can also really deteriorate current friendships. After all, they’ll be supportive of you going through a break-up for a few weeks. Their patience wears thin when you’re not recovering from being in a relationship as quickly as they think you should, and they get fed up with the panic attacks and your inability to explain what’s wrong.  It’s a time when you find out who’s a true friend, and who is. Yuno was farther crippled by the fact that her ex spread rumors about her.

Abusing someone else is about power, and Yuno’s ex showed his need to feel more powerful all the time. He not only made her feel like that only what he wanted matter, but his side of the story was the only one that mattered, and that she had no power to make people believe the truth of what happened to her. He couldn’t stop there–these men often feel inadequate unless they’re dominating someone else.  He used treating phone calls to show his power again. Then, when he had the chance to show he was more powerful then Sado, he tried to show off his power again.

At the end of the episode, I was extremely impressed by Yuno’s strength and will to overcome what had happened to her. If she’s can keep fighting, that’s pretty powerful inspiration to me to keep fighting. I mean, this girl has been through absolute hell. What’s important is she’s in a better place now, and hopefully will continue to heal. The healing process with take years, probably, but she had the chance to cave in and run away, and didn’t.

I needed a girl like this. Thanks MM.  Between Yuno, and a boyfriend that will grab my hand and reassure me that he’s there when I start sleep talking due to disturbing dreams, I think I’m going to make it.


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6 responses to “Reflection on Yuno and Abusive Relationships

  1. Totally thought that this was going to be a post about future diary! Was like wait a sec I didn’t know the ova was out already. Wrong yuno lol

  2. er, sorry… but what’s the name of this OVA? I’m not up on current anime; is it just called “Yuno”?

  3. It’s really a bit of a shame MM! went through all of that in just two episodes. It’s a pretty serious topic irl after all and really could have used more buildup/exploration. I can’t say this was a situation I could properly understand since its rather different from the kind of stuff I experienced (certainly not PTSD), but yeah, it’s the kind of time when one discovers just whom their friend are, and how Yuno went through it without developing some kind of emotional dependency was quite impressive imo.
    Although, sounds like you’ve found someone close to really help, which is— a great thing that many others never received 😉
    Best of luck (*^^*)

  4. I have written about that on my blog… basically, Abusive Relationships or Relational Aggression has some relation to bullying and its just as destructive. Can’t really say I have experienced one since I never had a relationship, but picking the right person to go out with is a big factor in this…

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