On a semi-hiatus

Well, things kinda blew up spectacularly.

I never stop blogging completely, for the next couple weeks or so, I won’t be updating nearly as much. I have these things called papers, in a multitude of three, and must get cracking.

I also have a 20 minute presentation due in like three weeks, which is suppose to be a group project, but guess who’s partner is awol? Hahaha, yeeeeeah. We know where this is going.


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5 responses to “On a semi-hiatus

  1. Best wishes getting your stuff done without too much stress. See ya when you’re ready to blog more anime.

  2. I’ll look forward to your return. Good luck on the projects!

  3. RP

    Heh, I told you so. 😉

    Good luck!

  4. Row row fight the powar. You’ll need it.

  5. Yi

    Have fun with those papers…

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