My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute 04

Even if it is an accident…still…WHYAIC WHY?!?!?! And she’s in middle school…and then her friends saw and were okay with it….



Edit: Well, this look like it will be an incest anime. And I can deal with that. It doesn’t make this scene less…bad though.


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7 responses to “My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute 04

  1. So wrong on so many levels… If the boy and the girl was in different families, this wouldn’t be so bad… but incest? Meh…

    (also, haven’t watched the episode… yet… spent my time watching JC Staff Animes)

  2. This seems to be the talk among bloggers this morning. Guh, why did they have to do it? It seems like, at least in the early going, the idea is to insert a few seconds of fanservice into every episode to keep a certain audience coming back. Bleh, I hope the show doesn’t go further down this path – otherwise, it was another fun episode.

    • Otherwise, yes, it was a nice episode and I enjoyed it.

      It’s just a moment of ‘Really? Did no one on staff have any common sense to say, “This might be a little much for the type of show we’ve shown so far.”‘ It doesn’t help that it was awkwardly inserted and just…blargh.

  3. Chas

    Dont get the anime wrong, it has a incet vibe but it has nothing of the sort. no hentai or incest in it. his sister loves all the games and dvds but noone can respect that. her brother finds out and helps her keep it hidden, even gets in trouble by the father cause hes protecting his sister,

    the anime is great. do not read the name and say omg its incest and slang it down. watch a few episodes before judging it.

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