Kirby and the Epic Yarn first impressions

So this is a special anime that no one else knew was airing…well, no, not at all. It’s just that Kirby and the Epic Yarn came out today, and as I happen to be home for Fall Break over the weekend, I got a chance to play this game.  The hour that I got to spend playing was an absolute delightful experience. My mom, who also played a little, described from watching as it being absolutely beautiful and entertaining.

The games opens with the story being told by an omniscient third person narrator with a really sexy voice. There’s not much to say about the actual story, Kirby has never been about the storylines, but I do like that narrator’s voice.

The graphics in Kirby are absolutely gorgeous. It’s pretty easy to read about the hyped fabric look, which is suppose to mimic the texture and movement of textiles, and see clips of what is should look like. However, nothing compares to being able to see the game on your own screen. They’re so much more vibrant and pretty. On top of that, it’s very active. Things move, the monsters have a wide variety of expressions, and it just continues from there. It’s fantastic.

Playing it is a lot of fun. The game is not hard enough to stress me out, but I still have to think and work through the little puzzles within the levels. The levels constantly provide something new to do, or interact with.  All sorts of different things are thrown into it that fit very well to make the experience enjoyable…in the first level, Kirby turned into a tank!

On top of that, I really like the soundtrack.

There are all these little things, such as decorating Kirby’s room that won’t stand out to most people, but to me, I quite like the bit of customization the game provides.

As with Canvas Curse, I see this game having a very high replay value. Mainly I can see replaying just to see the gorgeous levels and the experience of playing through them again. Very rarely do games deliver the experience of just simply being fun, and a joy to play.

Kirby’s Epic Yarn review at Kotaku

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