Tantei Oprea Milky Holmes First Impressions

I actually enjoyed Milky Holmes. I did not expect to enjoy it, but it was just so cute, and I’m a sucker for cute. On top of that, the show is so dumb, it somehow adds to it, it the way that the dumbness of iCarly adds to that show. It’s hard to describe the sensation, but it’s so nonsensical, unrealistic, and dumb yet with the attitude of having fun that it’s easy to shut off your brain, and let yourself be entertained. I really liked the way Milky Holmes pokes fun at the clichés within it, as well as the ridiculousness of all the characters.


What I hate about moe style is that I feel guilty as hell for making sex jokes, even if the opening is RIGHT THERE


The icing on the cake is that this is 12 episodes, a small commitment an anime which is just mindless silly fluff. This definitely won’t appeal to everyone, but I have the feelings those that do will find themselves enjoying it in all its dumb weirdness, and at a loss to describe why they can stand this.

Other blogs impressions (There aren’t many I know of)


Major Arcana doesn’t have much to say, and Aorii dropped it, but hey, it’s something!

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One response to “Tantei Oprea Milky Holmes First Impressions

  1. I agree. Even though the story feels meh, the girls are cute enough to continue on with the story… even though if I lose some brain cells in the process.

    BTW, I’m exaggerating… but it’s surely a guilty pleasure.

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