First Impressions The World God Only Knows

Given all that I’d heard about The World That God Only Knows, I liked the first episode far more then I expected to. Although I did feel that the series worked a lot better at being serious then silly, and all it attempts at being silly feel flat on its face. It’s already evident this is not going to work as a parody, and I hope the series drops that angle.


They're not that hard.


That said, even though I liked it, of everything I’ve watched, it’s the most clichéd thing I’ve watched this season. Added to the fact that there’s already an anime airing about a character that likes eroge that’s so far fantastic, and this already has a second season confirmed, there’s no pressure to hurry up and watch it right now. It seems like a silly fun anime that I can just come back to when I feel like it. Which is what I’ll do.


I don't know about you guys, but I've run into too many people with this attitude.


Other Blogs Impression

Actually The only blog I’m Linking to Is Scamp’s. He phrases what watching the first episode is like, and what to expect perfectly.

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