Togainu no Chi First Impressions

There is a lot wrong with this series, from the bad production, execution, art, etc. The main thing that stood out to me is that the dead serious tone the show has just somehow didn’t work. It’s a bit of a ridiculous scenario, the episode had its share of cheesy scenes and for everyone to be so damn serious about it just didn’t work. I kept expecting that all this was a joke, and there was a punchline somewhere. Alas, this was not to be.

Come on guys in black. Can't you tell a booty call when you see one?

There is one thing going for this series, and that is the story is extremely interesting. If only watching it weren’t so painful, I’d be all for getting on board with this series. I think I’ll just be a total pit, and keep track of what’s going on through Psgels, and see if it ever turns into an…easier watch.

Final Final Thoughts: This video. On repeat.

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