Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteriu First Impressions

Well, that sucked. I was shocked by how much I hated this episode. The entire thing is a mix of being character driven and comedy, and if you don’t like the characters or the humor, you’re screwed.


What is with the way these girls stick their butts up in the air? It looks unnatural.


I did not like any of the main characters at all. The first girl, she got on the nerves right off the bat. SHAFT’s trademark of making characters overreact did not help, but just made her seem loud and obnoxious to me. The other girl was kinda funny with her passion, except that her only motivation is she has feelings for a guy who has feelings for the first girl. It makes her a very shallow, dull character, and it’s not as if she’s going to hook up with the guy. The old lady was freaking awesome, but had no screentime compared to the girls, and ugh, I hated those girls.

On top of that, it just wasn’t that funny. I can think of one part I cracked a smile.

In the end, the attempt was here, but something just didn’t click with me. Maybe I need to accept that I don’t get SHAFT.

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7 responses to “Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteriu First Impressions

  1. That screen shot was supposed to look unnatural. This is the very unnatural result of Toshiko’s training.

    • The other girl did it too though…

      • She was the one who trained her. Just to be clear, I agree it was very unnatural, but I think the point was that Toshiko (the one in glasses) has a very messed up idea of what a maid is supposed to be like. In that exact shot, Hotori is trying to be maid-like according to Toshiko’s messed up ideal. The effect is to piss off the Math teacher. That is, I think it is supposed to be funny in a face-palm kind of way.

  2. Don’t feel bad, I love Shaft shows to death most of the times and can normally at least enjoy the misses but I really, really was turned off by the first episode of this. I just hope this episode is a fluke like the first episode of Natsu no Arashi was and the rest of the series is good like the rest of Natsu no Arashi was. Which I hope it is, I’d hate to see the waste of an awesome opening and closing song/animation.

  3. ~xxx

    not much amused in first part of the show…

    Liked the other half though, still a good show. Maybe, If I could just watched 2 more and it’s decided. [read the manga up to chapter 14]

  4. I feel a little bad about not even trying this series beyond episode 1, but it’s like, the ONLY anime I’ve tried this season that I had an instant negative reaction to, that I watched the whole way. (…I confess, got scared off by Bakuman ep 1’s opening but I’m trying more, tentatively.) I mean, it might be fine but… when it’s competing with outright good shows…. it’s hard.

    Opening and ending are great, and probably sucked up half the art budget of the show.

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