Fortune Arterial First Impressions–and yes, their is a live translation process for the VN

I admit, I haven’t finished the episode. But I already really want to play the Visual Novel this is based off of. Really really badly. Looking it up, the Visual Novel has top reviews. Sadly, the process isn’t finished yet. Still, we can see the process here. And for now, enjoy the anime. Will it be as good? Most likely not. But that doesn’t mean it won’t be a fun anime to watch, and hopefully I can look forward to a translation eventually. Good luck guys!

I do have to say, the girls in this are very cute. I want to get out my drawing pad, and sketch away.


Pretty kinky too. 😛


Other Blogs Impressions (Did anyone even give this a chance?)

…I can’t find anyone except Psgels, and he tries everything


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9 responses to “Fortune Arterial First Impressions–and yes, their is a live translation process for the VN

  1. Yi

    Haha, yea. This seemed to fly under the radar for most. In fact, I didn’t even realize this existed until this post.

  2. Mark W

    I think you’d enjoy the VN. Very nice art/chara design, engaging. I’ve played through the first Erika route and through Shiro’s route before fatigue struck (my JA is not good enough to play without extensive reliance on translation tools/dictionaries). Wouldn’t hold my breath on the fanslation – it has been stalled for a long time, as far as I know, although the anime may kickstart things.

  3. Although you gotta admit, every cliche in the VN book is here…
    Well, August never fails at their character designs, at least. For the adaptation, as long as there’s no cabbage…

    • Very true, but while I don’t know how the anime will go, the VN must be highly rated for a reason.

      And there are as many pretty boys as girls. *drools*

      • Well August is quite popular known for their art and character designs, even if their scripting doesn’t quite match up to top tiers like Key or AKB2… although Fortune Arterial is suppose to be their best story yet.

  4. Mark W

    Hadn’t checked in a while… guess they are back on track. Good to hear.

  5. We died. And we were reincarnated. XD

    I just took over the project a few months ago, not because of the anime though. I had wanted to do this long before it started airing. Hopefully we’ll pull through~

    • I hope you guys do. As I said, best of luck to you guys! It is a huge undertaking, but it’d be really awesome to be able to play it. I’ll keep checking back.

      And thanks for commenting, it’s awesome to hear from you.

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