First Impressions Slump

There comes that time every season where bloggers hit a slump…new shows are no longer exciting, but a pain to blog. Especially for a slower blogger like me, when the second episode is coming out for shows I want to watch, and for shows I haven’t seen the first episode of yet. But whenever I watch the first episode of something, I have to write a blog post, and…

I actually haven’t hit the slump yet for once. I know I’m building a bit of a backlog, but I’m not worried. This week however, I have midterms, which has slowed waaaaaaay down.  Also, I’m fighting a nasty throat infection, so yeah. Also, for anyone curious, the current conclusion on the medical drama is my body doesn’t absorb vitamin D like it should, resulting in a weakened immune system.

Anyway, I know I’ll be behind everyone else, but be patient. I take pride in my First Impression post, but I want good grades and the longer I wait, the more opportunity I have to get links for others impressions.


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2 responses to “First Impressions Slump

  1. Ugh, don’t get me started about midterms!!!! I have one in Trig next Thursday and I have a final for my eight week class due a week from today. Oh it’s going to be a fun weekend for me 😦

    But on a positive note, I watched a little Tenchi Muyo last night. I think it seem to calm my nerves a bit, but we shall see.

    • One more and I’m done with the tests…then I have to give a speech and…

      I hope it did. Anime is very relaxing for me. By the way, good luck! They’ll be over soon.

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