The Dark Side of MM

Okay, I feel like watching MM. You know, the fanservice filled probably piece of crap that Xebec released this season. So, let’s sit down and watch. Surprisingly, this show has gotten a few honest laughs out of me. Then…


Introduce character that’s scared of men. It turns out why she is this way is thanks to a boyfriend who tried to force himself sexually on her, and when she fought back, he physically abused her. That’s…really heavy stuff. I thought we didn’t have things like this in fanservice shows!

I mean, if that’s what happened to her, it makes sense she’s scared of men. A lot of people know that I was in an abusive relationship, and to this day, I still struggle with being comfortable around men, especially those in a certain age group. This episode didn’t really hold back, not only showing that it really messed her up, but that she lost friends over it. We don’t know if she lost friends because she told them, or if she was so traumatized that she didn’t feel safe around them, as they led to the situation. Both are possible.

And I don’t know. Just last night I found myself wishing there was an anime out there that dealt with abusive relationships, and wondering if that might help. I’m not saying that this is 100% perfect in addressing the issue, but while intense, it’s healing in a way for me, to see a character fighting the same thing I’m fighting.

But most anime don’t have the balls to even touch this issue, or recognize it as one. So I’m very surprised to see this crop up in a fanservice show of all places. Usually I would expect to see in an anime trying to be edgy, not in an anime expected to be stereotypical.

But I’m grateful. It’s unlikely I’ll see a character who’s gone through a similar thing and ended up messed up in a similar way that I am.

I also am starting to wonder if MM is going to be more then  just another fanservice crap show. It has fanservice moments, but it’s showing more character and story then I expected.


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6 responses to “The Dark Side of MM

  1. The second episode was pretty good. I think MM is a mash between Working which had a wacky cast and Baka Test. Needless to say, I am hooked. :p

  2. I’m in quite total agreement with you here; this came really unexpectedly, and if they keep it up…
    Not quite if net friends can really put forth any real support but… if you ever wanted to get something of your shoulders— (shrug). Meantime, best wishes to your efforts. It is quite something to overcome >.<

    • Thanks, it does mean a lot. It’s been over a year, and I’ve actually come a long way, but at the same time, I’m still going through the healing process.

  3. This is why I get mad whenever some activist goes on TV and ignorantly complains about any 2% increase in violence against women on TV. It’s important to show these things. People who’ve been through it will have something to relate to. People who haven’t been through it will have some idea of how bad it can be. If you keep this stuff off TV, it becomes easier to ignore altogether.

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