My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute First Impressions

A lot of people were surprised at how good “My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute” was. I was also, though not in the same way everyone else was. I’m use to AIC doing a surprisingly good job with shows, even with shallow premises, when they put the effort into them. What took me off guard was the production values were surprisingly high for an AIC show. Everything was really well animated. Maybe with recent successes, they can kick things up a notch? Either that, or they’re putting they’re all into this show. I’m not sure what it is.


Apparently Siscon has ancient roots...


In this first episode, they focused on establishing the characters. Kyou wasn’t that exciting, just a typical ordinary boy with a tendancy to overworry who’s perfectly okay with the ordinary, and not really interested in changing that. Since he’s so use to normalcy, it makes his reaction to the various situations quite funny, (although to be honest, I think that’s how most of us would respond to an incest eroge game). The scene when the mom walked in and thought she’d caught her son masturbating because of his overreaction I thought was funny. Yes, parts of me never outgrew grade school.


...has Kyou lived under a rock under his entire life?


The real star of the show is Kirino. Despite being a confident person, she nailed a lot of qualities of the middle school persona. Kirino knows what she loves and is passionate about it, but at the same time she’s very insecure and seeking acceptance for what she likes. She wants to know that what she is doing is okay. It doesn’t help Kirino’s situation that what she’s engaging in is socially frowned upon.


She cutest in fangirl mode, I think.


I think what helped in establishing the characters and making the episode enjoyable were the attention to details. Kirinko slippers weren’t ordinary slippers, they had octopuses on them. Kirino’s immense collections of games were made up to look just like, and some were actual eroge ganes. The stuff animals in Kirino’s room. I could go on and on, in the end, it’s very impressive,

The show goes to great lengths to say that this isn’t an incest show, short of coming out and saying it right on the show. Hopefully, it’ll stay this way, and remain a simple story of a brother and sister bonding. I’m not exactly an older sibling or a younger, but as a stated, a twin. However, others claim so far, it’s very realistic.


She offers some very practical advice.


And I think it’s very cute, the idea of a brother and sister coming back to together to partake in a hobby they both share. Even if that hobby is, well, odd.

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  1. RP

    I’ve always been impressed by AIC’s animation quality – at least in recent memory. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen them do anything that required anything amazing or was difficult like an action/mecha show, but they do these simple, fanservice type shows really well.

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