“My Little Sister Can’t Be That Cute” My thoughts related to playing eroge

One of the odd things about “My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute” is Kirino doesn’t seem at all bothered by the fact that there are incest sex scenes in the games she’s sharing with her brother. Although as someone who’s played eroge games, this doesn’t really surprise me. It’s so hard to take the sex scenes in those games seriously, even when they contain disturbing content or suggest really awkward things are going on. I care about the relationships that build between the characters, but I care little to none about the actual sex. It’s always so…bad.

So bad, that is hard to regard the sex scenes as serious plot points or events. It’s as they’re in a different world, not connected to the plot. They’re amusing, but not in an ‘Oh baby, I’m getting turned on.’ sort of way. They’re amusing in being so horribly bad. I’m talking about cheesy dialogue, purple prose out the wazoo, unrealistic amounts of bodily fluids all around, and more then likely, a guy with try to go down on a girl only to have her complain that it’s dirty down there. I will also never forget the translation I gave where on of the verbs for the girl giving oral sex was that she was raping him. There are things that can be sexy in a H-game, but straight out sex scenes aren’t it. It really depends on the game how often sex is in it, but more story oriented seem not to have that much.

A Type-Moon game? Please fade to black here...for everyone's sake...


In the end, I don’t think much of, or completely disregard the sex scenes until someone brings them up. I prefer watching relationships develop (or erode) between characters. One of my favorite H-game ‘paths’ is the Akiha path. It’s a really touching story of two siblings coming together, as well as pure creepy. Yes, they have sex with each, but it’s so bad and awkwardly forced in that it doesn’t feel they really have that sort of relationship.

Kirino wouldn't care for her. She doesn't have twin pigtails.


And yes, there are H-games that consist of nothing but sex, and no actual plot. In my opinion those games are more lulzy then actually good games.

Not my screenshot >.>

Now take the middle school girl Kirino who’s probably somewhere between being curious about and being terrified about her own sexuality. Especially given Kirino’s personality, she probably enjoys thinking in the forefront of her mind that the sex scenes are dumb and ridiculous, while in the back of the mind, fulfilling her curiosity about the topic. Sex would still be embarrassing for her, so outside of that, she’d probably go the route of “Sex scene? What sex scene?” which is the route she does take when her brother asks about her scenes. She downright stated she just enjoys the older brother/younger sister dynamic, which actually makes sense as she’s never had a sibling look up to her.

Is my screenshot

Of course, it’s a little early, and I could be completely wrong. And maybe I think too much about this. Going back to Tsukihime now.


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19 responses to ““My Little Sister Can’t Be That Cute” My thoughts related to playing eroge

  1. When I play a eroge visual novel, I care more about the story, not the cheesy eroge scenes which turns out bad or them doing weird shit 99% of the time. The only real eroge I played is Kanon, which had a great story, but the eroge scene is just plain weird and disgusting. Needless to say, I figured out how to disable them.

  2. karry

    “I care about the relationships that build between the characters”

    Here’s a suggestion – read a book. Honestly, why does all this crap even have a “game” label, there is nothing even remotely game-like in them, just text walls. Badly written walls of horny text. Why waste time on this, when you can go and read an actually GOOD story in a book ?

  3. Fate/Stay Night is the only VN I’ve played. The sex scenes…after a while I just put them on auto-read and spaced out. During one of the sex scenes, I put my laptop on the countertop and washed my dishes, glancing over every so often to make sure it hadn’t gone past the sex scene. Somehow I finished before the sex scene.

  4. I’m sure they’d appreciate the classic rap song. (But please, no “Baby Got Back.”

  5. I don’t think everyone is as bad as Nasu when it comes to writing them, but what do I know I CTRL-fastforward through it all xD (waiting for the day when visnovs invent a ‘skip H’ button =_=); the ones that don’t have any H are automatically +1pt more enjoyable imo~

  6. Yi

    It’s fun to try to get in the mindset of Kirino given her age, maturity, and possible outlook on sex. I think you’re right about her thoughts on eroge though.

    Personally, I don’t think too much about H-scenes when I play visual novels. For games like Saya no Uta, I actually force myself to sit through the rather disturbing scenes to fully experience the extremely dark story. For others, like Tears to Tiara and Sengoku Rance, I fast forward through them so I can go back to leveling my characters or conquering nations. And for something like the yuri visual novel, Hanabira, the sex scenes complement the love story, so I enjoy them as well. I guess it all depends for me.

    • I think I would enjoy H scenes more if they all yuri scenes…

      They’re suppose to complement the story, but at the same time, are badly written enough that they’re jarring instead. I think it also depends on the writer…some writers can write H scenes, such as some writers can write sex scenes. They’re just hard to find.

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  8. oni

    *comment* you guys are really serious about it… I’m far from the modern civilization to be enjoying or maybe experiencing such things as you have experienced, I accidentally met this story after searching for the “my bride is a mermaid” manga… well anyway, my point is, I don’t know if I’m missing something wonderful by not experiencing what you are experiencing, or if I’m saved from such troubles brought by such.. anyway.. good day… haha just made a comment…

  9. Demoncode

    anyone know what game that screenshot is from?


    My question is, where can I find and play some of these games in America?

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