Ironman 01 Impressions

Ironman is…odd. Over here, he has not only a comic franchise, but probably the most successful Marvel superhero movie franchise with only two movies. He’s also been romanticized in fandom thanks to the popularity of the actor who plays him, Robert Downy Jr. I was never a huge fan of the movies; on top of being overall not I always felt the movies made him too nice. Disagree with me if you want, he had Tony Stark moments, but overall, the character wasn’t there. He’s a superhero, as well as a genius but he’s also self-centered bordering on narcissism, a shameless womanizer, and overall a flawed person. Above all, he’s charismatic despite not being likable.

You can tell I’m picky about Stark right? I was very interested in how the Japanese would handle Tony Stark, but prepared to dislike this adaptation as well. So far, I’m actually very pleased with the first episode. I honestly felt like they nailed his personality perfectly.

Not only that, but I really enjoyed the episode. Madhouse didn’t mess around, but got straight into the story, expecting the viewers to already know who Ironman is. I felt like I was watching a serious comic book on the screen with the way it was mostly dead serious moments with light hearted moments mixed in. This is what I wanted Heroman to be. The little comic fangirl in me is really excited.

There was one part I missed out on, unfortunately. I could not find a direct download that worked on my computer with the audio and sub timing correct, so I had to turn off on the sound, and thus have no opinion on the soundtrack right now.

I know the premise isn’t too terribly original, but hey, it’s not too terribly clichéd either. It works for me. The reporter girl is terrible though. That was the worst excuse for an interview I’ve ever seen. She should have had a tape recorder if she wanted to do a proper interview.

Also, there’s the part when Stark is talking to the Japanese scientist. I have no idea if they were poking fun at Japanese culture or Americans trying to come into Japanese culture or both. I’m still puzzling it out…

Although don’t be fooled. I’m not completely sold on this. It’s working for me right now. That’s all.

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2 responses to “Ironman 01 Impressions

  1. It really wasn’t as bad as I feared. The action scenes were quite good, but with Madhouse that really wasn’t the bit I was worried about. My guess is a monster a week format (note, zodiac conveniently = 12).

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