Anime I Will Not Try This Season: Bakuman

I don’t have to explain when JP and Hinano’s blog does it so well

I mean, yes, Japan is a rather sexist society, and anime, admittedly, tends to be sexist because of that. Thus, getting bothered at the sexist nature of a story in anime is ridiculous. I mean, if I’m going to get up in arms about sexism in anime, why am I watching anyway?

Except, I have limits. And now that these things have been pointed out, I don’t think I could go back to not noticing them. I’d just spend the whole time watching looking for them and being pissed about them. So why spend my time watching something I know I won’t enjoy and I’m already biased against? It makes no sense.


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3 responses to “Anime I Will Not Try This Season: Bakuman

  1. Thanks for the link. That is definitely a different perspective on Bakuman than I had previously seen.

  2. That’s an interesting link.

    I wrote something about the issue of sexism in Bakuman myself. You can read it at:

    Question, what series do you think is worse in terms of sexism: Bakuman or Death Note?

    • I’m not sure if I could say one is worse then the other. All sexism is bad. It should be noted I’m not really a fan of either.

      Death Note is sexist in a more tradition sense in Japanese animation (the female character exists to fawn over and serve the male character) that I’m use to, and poke fun at a lot, and doesn’t make any of the female characters the main focus. It’s almost as if it’s a series where girls don’t exist.

      However, in Bakuman, the girls have a bigger role, and are often made fun of, or dismissed, or treated as inferior by men. Probably my biggest problem with Bakuman is it hits to close to home, and more realistic then the sexism in Death Note, even in America. As a women who is more aggressive and upfront then the usual American, I have to fight with this everyday and struggle to overcome it. We don’t have equality in America either, though we are trying.

      As anime/manga is what I use to relax and escape reality, why would I want to watch something that reminds me or what I face, and make the type of people I fight against heroes?

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