MM first impressions

MM has one purpose. To cater to a kink. There is not a hint of creativity or effort outside of that. All the characters are familiar sterotypes or clichés.

Also, the male lead completely turned me off—man needs to learn self-control. Even catering to a kink, it doesn’t really work. Heck, I think Xebec needs to actually learn about machocism, while I don’t know for sure, I’m almost positive it doesn’t work that way.  The dominant females were really hot, but it needed the submissive half to be better done for it to really have been hot. Otherwise it alternates between being sexy and then a buzzkill. We’re suppose to see him suffer, not enjoy it.

So why did I enjoy this? I…don’t know. I mean, there were parts I didn’t like, but there parts I liked. I really enjoyed the ending with the friend that cross-dressed. Maybe it’s because I know exactly what to expect, and because of that, it can’t disappoint me. Or maybe I’m just a perv. Still, it presents what it is on the label, and doesn’t have the perfect execution. It’s not special or clever. Yet, if watching something this clichéd doesn’t turn you off—apparently, this is the first Xebec work that hasn’t turned me off, then there’s possibility to enjoy this.


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4 responses to “MM first impressions

  1. “man needs to learn self-control.” — you said it o/
    I loved the ending as well; if there’s one thing making this show worthwhile to watch for me, it’s definitely the MC x BFF(trap) ship xD

  2. The trap was amazing at the end… other than that, typical tsundere, Imami-like girl, and a sexy nurse… Can’t say I didn’t enjoy it, but it was a mix bag. The OP was horrible and yeah…

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