Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt First Impressions

Maybe my ibuprofen hasn’t kicked in and hit the fever yet? Nah, Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt is just that weird. Gainax brings up another monster of the week anime following the story of two angels on the verge of getting kicked out of heaven. To keep from being kicked out, they have to collect heaven coins, although Panty would rather have sex and Stocking would rather eat sweets.

First off, the best part of this is definitely the art. It’s unique, colorful, and it works. That’s what really blew me away, and what I enjoyed the most.

Transformation scene reveals these two are very damn sexy

Initially, I was worried about the sex jokes, and then the revelation that there was bathroom humor in the first episode. They turned out not to be as bad as I thought. Yes, it was shameless, but partially thanks to the art style, they were not gross or offensive to me. I actually found the humor pretty amusing. I particularly like how Panty’s and Stocking’s weapons come from their respective clothing.

Owned by Panty

There’s also an over-the-top ridiculousness to everything going on that makes this oh so much fun.

In this episode, it was split between two stories. One was an evil spirit made of crap, they other was an evil spirit that liked to go really fast. I’m betting on all the episodes following this format.

The question is, can this series stay strong for 13 episodes? To that, I have no answers. It’s hard to say, especially as Gainax produces mixed results. For now , it should be a lot of fun. Remember the lesson you taught us in the first episode Gainax, technique is better then coming in hard and fast and climaxing early!

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8 responses to “Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt First Impressions

  1. karry

    “they were not gross or offensive to me. I actually found the humor pretty amusing. ”

    Thats because you are USian. Your “culture” thrives on crap like this.

    • LOL, the term is American dearie. Someone needs to brush up on their English!

      Do you have no life besides leaving mean comments on other people’s blog? Surely there’s more to life then that. Please go find something more satisfying to do with your time.

    • Yo yo! I’m a real “USian” and I haven’t even watched this show. I spent the afternoon listening to Bach’s Goldberg Variations, then went to a Pakistani restaurant (mmmm… Saag Panir). When I got home I thought I would read about the latest in Japanese animation, and what do I find? Someone who claims my culture thrives on crap. The fact is, my culture is an amalgam of elements from cultures throughout the world.

      • Don’t let Karry bother you, they’re a troll who doesn’t like foreigners I think. They bother Psgels a lot. I wonder why I got Psgels’ pet troll.

        But I should be honored, to be trolled by the pet troll of such a high ranking blog.

  2. Yi

    I had a different take. I can’t stand the art style at all… I guess this just isn’t for me.

    • Really?

      That’s some of the risk with an experimental art style–there’s going to be some people who just don’t like it. There’s some people who can’t stand the typical art style that anime is done in, and so forth.

  3. Izzy

    Personally I hated the art style at first, but found that the more cartoonish style balanced the crude humor (which i have also come to love). Apparently many people share my opinion because its fanbase is exceptionally large considering the brief time its been on the air.

  4. Ricz

    At a Hungarian anime portal, we had a flame-war about this – good or bad, funny or crap. The result: everyone was kicked out for 2 weeks…

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