Glee Season 2 Episode 1

Yes, I am a Glee fan. I enjoy watching it for the dance numbers and the humors. I also like being able to find new music and check it out. As much hate as the covers get, without a lot of them, I would have never known the songs even existed. For the most part though, I dislike the drama. It comes across as forced to me, and usually really dumb. A necessary evil, I feel, for a show I mostly just sit and unwind to.

That’s why I was really surprised when with the first episode of Glee, the drama was actually up to par with everything else. Also, if you haven’t watched the episode, this post won’t make sense.The best to describe how the drama worked was it was domino effect drama. One person couldn’t hurt another person without it hurting other people as well. This is was a pretty accurate, and surprisingly mature stance for Glee. The drama between the grown-ups leaked into the kids. The drama between the kids, well, was huge. No half-assed drama here either, but when things went boom, they really went boom. Bullying a teacher, branched into Finn (who’s actions were prompted by Artie’s drama) getting kicked off the team with plenty of screaming and yelling, which would later lead into someone else not trying out. Quinn and Satana get into a full fledged catfight in front of everyone.

My boyfriend and I talked about the drama with Rachel and Sunshine. He complained about the repetitiveness of Rachel causing trouble, and while I agreed, there was also an extent that I liked it. After off, her actions had real consequences, and her teammates are unlikely to forgive her anytime soon.

The new season also brought new characters that have already gone off to a good start. Sunshine only lasted this one episode, but she was still a likable cheerful yet obviously strong and smart girl. She made such a positive impression that it made losing her because of Rachel hurt that  much more. There was also the element of her being, well, a real life moe girl. I wanted to put her in my pocket and protect her.

The new football couch, Ms. Bitsch pulled a real turnaround. She started off as a rough and scary teacher, seeming to be another Sue. By the end of the episode, she was a sympathetic character. There was a lot of focus on trying to make her out as not the exact stereotype of a butch coach, and the fact that she wasn’t being important. She also showed herself to be more human then Sue…then again, anyone is more human then Sue.

Sam pulled off being the enigma character that we hope to learn more about perfectly. Giving us just enough to not tell much yet leave us wanting to know more is hard, yet with the camera lingering on his thinking, and the few details he mentioned about himself, they did it. I can’t express enough how much I like the idea of a dyslexic character on the show. I know they’ve done a terrible job of showing what OCD is actually like with Emma, but I still appreciate willingness to include characters that have disabilities.

The humor in this episode was still funny, which is what humor needs to be. Even in serious moments, little quips would still come out. “Actually, I want to touch her boobs.”

Only thing really lacking was dance numbers. There really weren’t any good ones this episode. The songs that were the best were the ones that Sunshine sang, although Sam’s rendition of “Billionaire” was nice…I liked this version as it didn’t have the f word. Yes, I’m a prude. It’s been established many times I don’t like the f bomb.

Very strong start to Glee. Question is, will it crumble quickly or stay strong.

Honestly, I’m a pessimist on that question, but this still was a great episode.


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6 responses to “Glee Season 2 Episode 1

  1. frog212

    I have a question, who was the guy with Sunshine at the end of the episode? The new coach? for the same school? or different school?

  2. kaei

    > I can’t express enough how much I like the idea of a dyslexic character on the show.

    Oh wow, you’re right – he only mentioned it briefly, but it didn’t even occur to me that they’d go that far with his character. It wouldn’t be surprising considering they don’t shy away from featuring people with handicaps on the show.

  3. frog212

    Ohhh, thanks motichu and Janette. Yea, i guess it makes sense that the coach would be busy with her new baby.

    So kaei you think he will be the new 12th member of the Glee club?

  4. Yi

    This post reminded me to start watching S. 2 of Glee. I love love love it. It always makes me want to break into songs.

    Anyways, it sounds like the drama is really brewing, so hopefully this season will be another hit.

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