If You Ever Wondered if Pokemon Was Serious Business…

…Nintendo has confirmed that yes, yes it is.

First off, the infamous events at Serebii.net and Poke(r?)beach where they received a C+D over the posting of screenshots of Black and White. Basically, stop posting them or face legal consequences of having their site taken down. Many suspect that the C+D are false, myself included. However, when both Serebii.net and Poke(r?) beach contacted the lawyer, the guy said it was true. If it true, Nintendo could afford a more professional lawyer.

(click to see full picture)

While Nintendo is in the legal right, this is also, in my opinion, a stupid move. The only thing Nintendo needs more then a better lawyer is a better advertising team for the Pokemon games. People posting the screenshots and images on websites like this is the best advertising they could hope to end. I don’t know about anyone else, but Serebii.net got me far interested in the game then I bet one of their half-butted ads would have.

Story at Kotaku

Meanwhile, Nintendo has also put in anti-pirating measure in the Pokemon Black and White roms. Seems that anyone who tries to use roms can’t level up! While it’s funny to see what quotes Sankuku chooses from 2chan to include on his site, I don’t really have an opinion on video game pirating, or whether it’s a good thing or bad thing. Pirating Pokemon, I think is just dumb, because Pokemon is a game meant to be played with others, but if you want to take that element (and one of the best parts) out of your game experience just so you don’t have to pay any money, uh, your life.

Article here.

Nintendo. What will they think of next? Remember guys, Nintendo has made it clear…


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9 responses to “If You Ever Wondered if Pokemon Was Serious Business…

  1. Nintendo, you are mad?

    It’s quite funny why they didn’t send a C&D since my sideblog, Shiori’s Diary is filled with Pokemon HeartGold screenshots when I write up what I have done in the game… Also, wouldn’t these snapshots be considered fair use?

    • I think they’re saying because Black and White isn’t out over here, it isn’t cool to reveal stuff to us Americans. It needs to still be secret for us. But still, I wonder if fair use would apply?

      Keeping things a secret doesn’t work in the age of the internet Nintendo. -.-

  2. So… how much time until someone hacks the ROM to remove the level capping? Nintendo has been doing this off and on for years in various ways, and it always gets cracked eventually.

    On the other hand, having to play through the entire game without leveling up would make an interesting experience. You’d have to play really well and gradually increment your power by catching slightly better Pokemon throughout.

  3. I heard that the c&d letters were hoaxes but now it seems like they’re the real deal. But Serebii just stated in his forum that he talked to the lawyer and may be able to return most of the images to the site (not sure what PokeBeach is doing). B&W images are still available on Veekun and Bulbapedia though.

    That anti-pirating thing is funny but one of my friends and others have been able to work around it and play the ROMs normally. As for me, I ordered a legit copy of Black and am waiting for it to arrive in the mail.

    • I know it seems they’re real, but I’m still stunned that a lawyer would dare send such an unprofessional letter.

      That’s good to hear. He hasn’t yet, but I have my downloaded file of pokemon sprites, so I’m good. 🙂

  4. I hope these Pokemon sites stick to their guns. The use of screenshots definitely falls under “fair use”.

    Reproduction for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship or research are not copyright infringement (under most circumstances). The problem might be that the Japanese don’t have fair use laws over there.

  5. Yi

    Wow… This is just an incredibly stupid move by Nintendo. One would think that that Nintendo wants to promote their products instead of taking down any screenshots and looking like a jerk in the process.

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