Interest in anime–a private or public?

Friday, I was required to give an autobiographical speech to my speech class. In it, I used my blog as my prop (we had to have at least one item that related to us in some way), mentioned that I liked anime, defined it as Japanese animation, and moved on to mention I also liked video games, books, and so forth. The end of mentioning my hobby.

However, there was another girl in my class for which most of her speech consisted of talking about anime and manga,  how much she loved it, and how big a part of her life it was. She went ahead and told the class about manga, anime conventions, and cosplay, as well as showing the class the anime keychains she always wore. It wasn’t horrible, although I don’t think I would have talked in detail that much about it, except with people I know for sure who are interested or into it. Her speech was pretty good, and didn’t cover any really awkward topics such as hentai or yaoi/yuri etc.

But I’m getting off track here.

It got me thinking about the differences between me and her that could be seen in her speeches. While she openly talked about her hobby, I just gave mine a nod, and moved on.

Having an interest in anime, it’s something that’s there. I don’t go out of my way to talk about it, or make it known that I’m a fan, but I don’t go to great lengths to hide my interest either. I have a couple anime related posters, and a couple t-shirts. It’s just…I don’t talk about if there isn’t an need, and as it’s an obscure and a difficult to explain hobby, I usually find there isn’t one. As it is, I think the only person I talk passionately about anime with besides on my blog is with Daniel. Also, surprising as this may be, I do have other interests outside of anime, so I have a lot of other things to talk about as well. Just being involved in things on campus, in school, in other clubs, in current events and other things. I’m a geek, and people know it, but they know there’s more to me as well.

What about the people reading this? Do people know you’re a fan? How much of your anime fan side do you show?

And no, the girl who gave the speech and I aren’t friends. I say hi and wave when I see her, but I don’t think she’s interested in me.


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10 responses to “Interest in anime–a private or public?

  1. The only thing other students at college could see is the wallpaper I use on my Macbook Pro/iPad since I always use an Anime Wallpaper as my background… Also, my blog too, but outside of that… I don’t publicly share my love for Anime that much… :p

    I did have people laugh at the background I was using on my laptop when I was presenting an Accounting problem using Powerpoint… since it was connected to a projector. :p

    • Must have been an interesting moment. XD

      I had that happen one time in Eighth Grade. I was way more open about my obsession, but I was angry and mean…and had a pink wallpaper with Chi on it.

  2. Landon

    I had to do a similar “introduction” bit at work a few years ago when I was going through supervisor/manager training. I made a casual mention about my anime fandom and then tied it back into the audience (since that was a requirement of this exercise) by talking about Cowboy Bebop. One of the people who presented before me talked about how she loves welsh corgis, so I went on about how Ein from Bebop was a corgi and etc etc etc.

    So yeah, it’s something I don’t mind mentioning when the subject comes up, but I’m not one to go out of my way and expound on my fandom.

    Now movies, THAT’S something I’m more willing to go on about, since that’s something people I work with can relate with. But I keep the animeness toned down despite having it out in the open. I wear a Haruhi SOS Brigade pin on my lanyard at work.

    Also: Whoever’s nails those are in that picutre are awesome.

  3. People know I’m a fan, and I actually write reviews of the animes I watch, so if they read my blog, they get a taste of that without my having to say anything directly, but otherwise, I don’t really mention it unless it comes up in conversation. Sometimes people come to me for “definitive answers” about anime, and I usually try to point them to some higher power, like an academic journal that focuses on Japanese popular culture. It’s not like I’m the only geek they know, after all. >_> And I tell them that “if you think *I’m* bad, why don’t you come with me to an anime convention sometime?” I have yet to have anyone take me up on that offer, but it could happen.

  4. I’m about the same as you when it comes to making my fandom known. However, while I don’t explicitly talk about my obsession unless I’m around other fans, every inch of my room is covered in anime posters and other paraphernalia, so anyone entering can immediately see my interest is more than just a mere hobby (though the only people who come to my house usually know about me already =P) I’ll also occasionally where anime apparel or decorate my bag with pins, etc,. Depends who’ll be seeing me.

    But yeah, I won’t talk about anime with people who aren’t interested unless they ask. And if they do, I won’t lie but I also won’t give them a lot of details either. But if I feel comfortable that they won’t think less of me for being an anime fan, I might be a little more open.

    • I think that’s a lot of it for me too. I don’t want people to look down on me for it, and I hope by not making a big fuss about it unless they get it enough to understand it’s more then T&A or kiddie cartoons, that they don’t.

      But yeah, in my dorm room, it’s obvious I love anime. And penguins.

  5. Yi

    I’m much more like you than your classmate. I prefer to keep my anime interest fairly private and personal in real life. While I won’t deny my interest if asked, I don’t like to go into details or flaunt it either.

    “I don’t talk about if there isn’t an need, and as it’s an obscure and a difficult to explain hobby”
    Same here. It also doesn’t help that anime sometimes don’t have the best image/ reputation among non-watchers.

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