Week Three of College

It’s week three of college, and I’m finally settled in enough to be catching up on blogging again. It’s been a slightly rough transition on me, but now that I’m settled, it’s been getting much easier.

We didn’t get internet here until the day classes started, which was a little hard. The dorms are actually really nice, and mostly everyone here is really friendly. There’s no air conditioning, which as it’s northern Ohio, usually makes sense, but this summer has been hot, and the first week was miserable. It’s getting better now, we still have a couple hot days here and there, but fall is just around the corner, and it’s mostly on the cooler end now.

Week one, I was miserable. I was unhappy, homesick, resented and hated everything. Later in the week I started to develop extreme ear pain, and went to the nurse’s office on campus to find out I had a serious ear infection. Well, that explains that.

Week two onwards, things continued to be very difficult. I’m not allowed to say very much, besides that my roommate and I didn’t work out at all, and turned into a very bad situation. It also turned out that I was either allergic to Febreeze, my roommates perfume, or marijuana smoke (I wasn’t smoking it), and had a really severe allergic reaction. By yesterday, I was incredibly depressed, and it sparked a suicidal episode, though rather then try to ride it out, I went and got help. They quickly moved me into a single, as they felt I’d been through enough in two weeks and a single would be easier on me then another roommate. It’s also one of the first times I’ve ever had adults apologize for the situation, rather then tell me that it was my fault it didn’t work out, and said they’d talk with my roommate. I was very impressed, as I felt like they did care how badly I felt, and didn’t call me a baby, or anything like that. Already a step up from my high school.

And now, I’m in a single. I’m actually able to hang out in my own room! It’s amazing! On the bad side, I have some sort of flu bug, probably caused by the emotional stress of the weekend.

Classes have been going really well. I’m have English Education as my major, and as such, taking Concepts to Mathematics, English, Education, Intro to Speech, Freshman Seminar, and Intro to Political Science.  At this point, I love going to class, more so then hanging around my dorm room. Going to class means I get to socialize and interact with people. On top of the, the topics are honestly interesting!  It’s a dramatic change from high school, but a likable one.

What else to say. The school I’m going to makes meeting people very easy, and I’ve met many people, and have a lot of casual friendships. I also already am close friends with about two people. I’m not a person who opens up to a lot of people, so this is my usual pattern.

In the end, it’s been a great start. High school, while it’s good parts, left me feeling mostly alienated. Here, I feel like I belong.


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6 responses to “Week Three of College

  1. I feel sorry that your first few weeks of college didn’t go so well. For me, its pretty quiet and the courses I am taking isn’t really too difficult. Also, my classes are in the same building since I am taking all business courses. Then again, I commute to college since it’s practically 10 miles away from where I live

    I hope your college experience gets better as time goes on because college is supposed to be a better experience since the people are nicer and more accepting. (not to mention that I had bullies picking on me in high school because I was Asian…)

  2. I’m glad the college people got the room situation figured out for you; you shouldn’t have to feel trapped in your own room, or like you can’t go back there at all. I love love loved college. It sounds like, now that things are settled, you could like it, too. I hope so!

    Yay first semester.

  3. Glad to hear that your first semester is going well. I remember those first few weeks, they were a bit challenging. I didn’t know anyone on campus, I had to adjust to doing more work with papers and other things and I was working two jobs at the time.

    Granted the first year of college can be diffacult, but in the end it will all be worth it when you get that degree. I felt so happy when I got my Associates last year and I am going to be the same way when I complete my Bachelors degree at the end of this year.

    As for my future, I plan on getting a full time job as a network administrator at a local hospital or university and I plan to continue my education by either getting my Masters degree in technology or library and information science. I still have a while yet before I have to make a decision, but we just have to see how things go.

    So in closing I will leave you a little words of wisdom. While many thigns in life can be challenging, always remember that there is a reward waiting for you at the end of the road. Stay positive and work hard. I know that you will do well. Ltrs.

  4. Wow, you have great councillors at your school <(^^ .> <.<

    Good luck on the semester~! /o/

  5. *geh, stupid html, delete my prior commend plx ^^;;*

    You have great councillors at your school <(^^ <), I doubt my university, regardless of how first-rate it be, would give a care if roommate troubles cause problems =\ It's also great how you sought help so early— my major depression during first year college festered for a whole year before (surprisingly) an anime pulled me out of it. Although I guess I at least didn't have roomate issues; I got along so well with my first-year roomate we ended up with the same dual-majors, joined the same organizations, and lived together for all 4 years (everyone tells me I lucked out); only sad thing is we never gotten more than just casual friends…

    Two close friends in such a short time is already pretty ridiculous =9 not that I'm being envious or anything <.<

    Good luck on the semester~! /o/

  6. Sorry that college started off shaky for you, but I’m glad things are looking up.

    And it’s a strange coincidence that I also got an ear infection not too long after moving away to college (not the first week but within the first year). Do the college blues do that to people? ~_^ I also had issues with my noisy upstairs neighbors and roommates during my first year, but unfortunately it was more trouble than it was worth to see if I could get my own room, so I just waited it out. Second year was a lot better though (I was only there two years since I had transferred from a community college).

    Does your college have an anime club? That’s where I met a lot of my anime-loving friends. That, and taking Japan-related classes =)

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