On One Hand: A Life Update

On one hand, my doctors haven’t figured out what’s wrong with me, and my tests results have been weird. Nothing critical, but no answers either. I’m being passed off to another doctor to try to make sense of it.

On the other hand, what was troubling me or flared up or whatnot has seemed to pass for now. I’m feeling tons better, and will continue to do so…until the next flare up comes I guess.

Thus on one hand, I was finally well enough to watch anime again yesterday. The joy I felt from this is hard to describe, but it was exciting and amazing, and I savored every moment of K-On 18.

On the other hand, I move to college tomorrow. As a Freshman, I’m sure to have a lot of orientation events and what not, although it should only be a couple days, then classes start, and I bet I’ll be watching again. I may even be watching come tomorrow. While I look forward to the social life of college, I am an introvert, and do want my anime watching and writing time. I don’t think college will interfere too much, and actually may give me more time to blog then high school did.

On one hand, I don’t know what the future holds.

On the other hand, I feel very positive.


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6 responses to “On One Hand: A Life Update

  1. Ryan

    Continue to feel positive :> Intro/extrovert is not a matter, because you can sway either way in a moments notice. You will definitely have more time for blogging in college, but don’t forget to study (time management skills are important because there aren’t teachers to keep you in check).


  2. On one hand I think it’s cool that you’ve stumped a doctor, on the other I hope it’s not serious. (Maybe you’ll end up featured on the show Mystery Diagnosis someday 🙂 .)

    A lovely philosophy, “On one hand, I don’t know what the future holds. On the other hand, I feel very positive,” and it’s one I try to adhere to myself and wish more people would.

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