Satoshi Kon

If you haven’t heard the tragic news yet, Satoshi Kon passed away at the age of 47. Part of me is very sad to hear this. Part of can’t believe he’s really gone. Part of me has been thinking about his works a lot.

It’s no secret that Perfect Blue, Millennium Actress and especially Tokyo Godfathers are some of my all time favorite movies. His works often contained very likable characters and engaging stories. More then anything was Kon’s use of imagery. His use of images evoked an emotional response in me and stayed with me long after the movie was finished. Talking to my mom today about him and his use of imagery, she recalled from scene from Tokyo Godfathers where the three people who have nothing walk into the house full of things from a life they’d thrown away.

For me, Millennium Actress was not only the first anime but the first movie to make me cry. Before then, I thought I was above all that emotional nonsense, and that a fictional piece of work could never move me. I feel the moment Millennium Actress made me cry was the moment anime changed from a passing fad to a true interest and a medium I respected.

Satoshi Kon also appealed to my mom and my sister. Anime is not often something we watch together, so the moments when the other two shared in my interest often meant a lot to me, especially when they did so because they were interested in it, and not to appease me. Kon led to some bonding between the three of us, and some of the best memories of the three of us in my early teenage years.

On one hand I feel he should have been able to have done more. On the other hand Satoshi Kon has left us with great gems already that we can appreciate. Gems that, even though he’s gone, will still live on as a celebration of his art and genius.


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3 responses to “Satoshi Kon

  1. I am very sad to see him pass away at such a young age. I seen Tokyo Godfathers and I have to say that it was a very interesting film, very heartwarming and interesting to watch.

    May Mr. Kon spirit live on with his works and his successes.

  2. It is sad to hear of his passing as he brought great joy and sadness to many of us who have watched their Anime.

    He will not be forgotten as we will show these to our kids and remember fondly the passion he had.

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