Witch Hunt is cracking down

After the long existence of Umineko Visual Novels on You Tube, Witch Hunt has decided to take action in removing the videos from video hosting sites such as Youtube. Their announcement can be seen  here. In it, they explain that uploading game with their patch without their permission is not okay as it’s there property. So much for goodwill among fans, especially as they’re the only people allowed by Ryukishi to translate the game. To be fair though, Ryukishi did explicitly state in the new episode of Umineko no Naku Koro Ni that it’s forbidden to upload the games, so I’d like to think they’re working to respect his wishes rather then getting super possessive of their translation. Yes, you really ought to buy these games, especially as they’re not that expensive, probably the biggest challenge you’d face is actually finding it.

They’re pretty serious in the crackdown as well, to the point of directly contacting the people hosting these videos to ask them to take them down.

What’s rather confusing is what good is this going to do? While they’re stopping the videos on youtube sites, the torrets, the main source of people getting a hold of the game, are still up, and Witch Hunt didn’t mention anything about them.  The people who watch the videos on YouTube are either people disinterested enough in Umineko to not bother buying/pirating it, so no gain there, and the other people are those who may or may not have bought the game, but for one reason or another, can’t get it to work on the computer. I feel really bad for people who fall into the latter.

In the end, it may not seem like doing this has a point, but in reality, it does. They’re putting their foot down, and saying enough with ignoring copyright, as many others are starting to do. Since the fall of OneManga, it’s as if this backlash against people violating copyright is spilling out suddenly. I don’t know what will happen, but I’m interested in seeing what will.


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8 responses to “Witch Hunt is cracking down

  1. It would help if they made the Visual Novels available in the US… then again, there are some people don’t approve this kind of materials such as Feminists Now which hates all eroge games out there.

    • There are some places that do translate and release things over here-Higurashi is available over here. It’s just the translation quality is usually…lacking.

  2. einhorn303

    Eh, it’s not difficult at all to find the Umineko games. Just takes a few minutes on PaletWeb, AmiAmi, Himeyashop, or anywhere like that to import them.

    • The biggest issue is whether they’re in stock or not.

      • einhorn303

        Well, they usually are and if they aren’t you can wait a week until they’re restocked.

        Like, Umineko 4 is in stock in 2 out of 3 of the sites I mentioned.

      • Yep. And I totally forgot to say, thanks for listing those sites, I think I was still annoyed about the f bomb from another commenter.

        As I said, that’s probably the biggest challenge, although in the end it isn’t too bad. It’s extremely affordable for a VN!

  3. dood

    Who for —- sake watches Umineko VN on youtube ?

    • I did talk about that. Thank you for your reading comprehension skills.

      People who can’t get the game to work, or don’t care enough to even pirate the game.

      Also, please don’t drop the f bomb here. I don’t like it.

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