The Age Of the Kittens is Over

It’s rather disappointing that the day after finally telling my readers about the kittens, I have to turn around and say it’s now over. Unfortunately, after I made the post yesterday, is was apparently that the Mother cat had an infected foot. This morning, it was much worse, and the health of the kittens was beginning to suffer.

Our vet, who makes home visits, was out of town, so we had to make the difficult decision to take them to the Humane Society as the kittens are too young to be taken from their mother. The kittens, I’m sure will find a home, although it was tough to see them go, especially the one I bonded with.

The Mother wasn’t as lucky. Her prognosis wasn’t good, and the infection is probably septic. Despite how sick she was, and the fact she was signed up, the Humane Society refused to admit her into the spray and release  due to being in a cat carrier instead of the trap they wanted her in. So should she miraculously survive, if she’s not adoptable, the cat will be put down.

It was a hard choice, as if we’d taken her to a vet, they most definitely would have put her down. When it comes down to it, should she be euthanized, I wish I could be there for her, but with out vet out of town, it came down to letting her be with us or be with her kittens, and the honest truth is, she’d be happier with her kittens.

I’ll miss her. She was a part of the family. In the end, we didn’t keep any kittens, and lost her on top of it. It’s hard. But at least for the Mother cat, we made sure that she always had food, water, and a sheltered place to stay, and she gave the gift of eight kittens to the world. I feel really guilty right now, I feel like I killed her, but I also loved her. There’s just no happy ending here.

Update: The kittens are safety in Foster Care, but the Mother cat was evaluated, deemed to have no chance of survival, and passed on July 28th.


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8 responses to “The Age Of the Kittens is Over

  1. Don Wallace

    You did what you could, the kittens will get good homes. My cat Alice said to cheer up, always remember the kittens and mom and to adopt another cat 🙂

  2. Owl

    Aww, I’m sorry. 😦 It happens. I had a similar experience when I watched a pair of barn owls (on a webcam) attempt to raise a family twice – the first time, the chicks were eaten by a rat snake; the second time, something caused the parents to be away for such a long time that the eggs were no longer viable. It’s always hard. Hopefully the kittens will find their way to loving homes. And it wasn’t your fault about the mother… wild cats generally don’t live very long anyway. It’s a good thing she didn’t spread it to the kittens!

  3. RP

    Aw man that stinks. At least you were able to guarantee the kittens’ safety. Hopefully the mom can recover and find a new home.

  4. I’m really sorry to hear that. But you did the best you could, more than most people would even think of doing. At least the kittens have a bright future and the mother cat died painlessly rather than having to continue suffering. I’ve had cats my whole life and I’m always sad when I have to put them down, but I can never be depressed for long because I know I’ll meet many other wonderful cats throughout my life. I’m sure you will, too.

  5. I hope you’re feeling better. The mom cat was probably already sick before she picked your porch to have her kittens at so I think you should look at what happened as not that you killed the mom cat (because you didn’t) but instead, the mom cat picked you to ensure her kittens would be safe.

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