My life has taken a strange turn

It goes to figure that despite having spade and neutered all our pets, I come back from to church camp to discover the that the stray under our porch has had eight kittens before we could get her into the program to make sure these things don’t happen at the humane society.  Well, she’d had them for awhile, it’s just while I was at camp, they hit the three week point and started popping out their heads. While unexpected, it’s has been a wonderful gift of life.

For now, they’re too young to be separated from their Mother, so I have become their main caretaker besides Mommy, although my own Mommy has been helping a lot as well. It’s been a lot of work as well! Eight kittens is a large number, and on her own, the Mother can’t take care of them all. The kittens are feed three times a day, watered down dry food two times and canned one time, as well as having to go out and retrieve the empty bowls. Otherwise, flies build up, and it’s good to have the dishes on hand for the next feeding. In Ohio, like everywhere else in the States, we’ve been having a hot summer, and there’s a lot of going out to refill their water dish so they and their mother stay hydrated. There’s also the time that’s needed to try to socialize the kittens so they will easily be able to find a home. All this between a Mother cat who grudgingly accepts my presence, but will  claw me if she has the chance. It’s keeping me very busy, to say the least.

Still, it’s amazing. The kittens grow a little every day, and go from barely stable balls of fluff when I first knew them to functioning creatures with distinct personalities.

I’m going to miss these guys when they leave. It’s just not possible to keep them all. Still, I’m holding out hope that my Mom will let us keep one, and I already know which one I want us to keep. Just keep my fingers crossed.


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3 responses to “My life has taken a strange turn

  1. Mommy

    Honest, mother! I never knew that it got into the house, crawled up the stairs, climbed on my bed, and hid under the covers! I’m as surprised as anybody!

  2. That’s really good of you to take care of stray kittens. Wish more people were kind like that =) My mom and I have been feeding and adopting stray cats for years, though now we’re trying to “get out of the business” and not get any more than the four we have now (three of which are very old). One of our irresponsible neighbors refused to spay the cat they got and now we’re getting overrun with kittens >_< They're trying to work on the problem though so hopefully they'll be able to catch the kittens and get them spayed.

  3. Owl

    So awesome and cute! You are lucky that a huge kitten family is under your porch. We have a mommy cat like this at the veterinary clinic where I work, only she’s gray and skinny. She has two kittens which are about 5 weeks old, and they stay in a box lined with towels. One is white with Siamese-type black points, and the other is black. They still both have blue eyes. They’re really fun to watch and hold. ^_^

    Also, we can’t take one. Mom’s allergic and they don’t allow them in the dorms. 😛

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