Westburo Bapist church protest Comiccon

I’m a little late to the news story, but basically, Phelps turned his attention to Comiccon, for their crimes regarding worshiping idols among other things and uh, well, I have no idea what the hell goes on in this guy’s head. I’ve seen interviews with this guy, and all I can say is he’s truly messed up.

It seems they’ve met their match, as Comiccon’s response has been on of the most strange yet awesome counter protests I’ve seen. In the pictures taken of the counter protest, the people look like they’re having nothing but a good time, helped probably by the mood set by the con.  I hope Westburo church realizes they failed miserably…when they’ve been pwned by people in cosplay and fursuits who didn’t take them serious enough to treat them to anything but silly signs and chants, it’s easy to see they can’t become more pathetic.

I have a lot of admiration for people willing to fight against Westburo. They may be untouchable by the law, but at least with these counter protest, we can say we are NOT okay with what these people are doing in our country. Especially as they tried to ruin what was suppose to be a fun event, and these guys wouldn’t let them. Kudos to you guys, and double kudos for not letting it ruin the atmosphere of the con.

The news story I read


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2 responses to “Westburo Bapist church protest Comiccon

  1. OMG amazing. ^_____________^ I literally loled in RL at some of those signs.

    (PS: don’t know if you care, but it’s spelled “Westboro”… just thought I’d give you a heads up.)

  2. Yi

    I didn’t know about this story, but it made me laugh after reading it. Good job Comic-con people!

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