My thoughts on this manga coalition

I’ve been pretty quiet about, as I thought this was going to be all talk and no action, but as the manga coalition has finally taken action, I guess I’ll air my thoughts from an American viewpoint.

I’ve never been a great fan of the idea in the first place. My view from the people I’ve talked to is that those who really care already go out and buy the series to support it, even if they read scanlations and are farther ahead in the series. Those who don’t care enough, if given the choice between no manga and paying for it, would rather go with no manga.

There’s also a great flaw with their plan, I feel. Even if the coalition takes away the scalations, the coalition does not make money appear in our pockets to make buying manga easy. Face it. Before the economy went downhill, manga was an expensive luxury at ten dollars a book, now more these days, and it still is. I understand that printing manga over here, with the translation and everything isn’t cheap, but this understanding doesn’t make the money appear in my pocket. It just isn’t there.

One would hope, and it seems that YenPress is definitely considering the idea, that rather then take down websites and leave it there, these companies will take them down, and then put up sites with their own ‘legal scanlations’ available. If they were willing to offer sites to allow the reading of manga for a small subscription fee, I think it would be a great business venture.
As it is, I don’t see this helping manga companies sales over here in any way.


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5 responses to “My thoughts on this manga coalition

  1. deaky

    I could see it working only if they provide digital copies that are already scanlated and just go through QA. This would minimize costs and thus eventual prices, while leaving the door open to premium paper prints for fans who want them. But I doubt they would be willing, if in fact they even can do this.

    The major problem, from what I’m reading, is that the publishers are desperately to a fault.. they are shitting bricks about piracy, but also about the prospect that authors will jump ship once they realize that other distribution models are viable. Ones that cut out the middleman. Them.

  2. I think the current model is outdated like the way with the publishing industry with their price gouging of books. I’m quite surprised there isn’t a legal site like Crunchyroll to read Anime that has a free/subscription model.

    Like the blogosphere and myself echoes, “Manga is not a right. It is a privilege.” Face it, Entertainment costs money and time… A line has to be drawn with fairness and scanlation sites like OneManga are harmful since most people have less incentives to buy the series.

    Also, there is a downside to closing scanlations sites. Unlicensed titles that companies aren’t willing to pick up are either obscure, too old or risky. As long they don’t address this, the average Joe is out of luck unless they know how to use IRC or FTP to obtain these obscure titles.

  3. I agree with your comments. I barely look at scanlation sites, but I generally don’t read manga at all. If I can’t get scanlated titles, it will have close to no impact on me. Besides, the only manga titles I have purchased were picked up used, so that didn’t make the publishers a dime.

    I think the publishers will have absolutely no success in boosting their profits this way. I’m not saying they aren’t free to try, but I suspect they will waste more money trying to enforce this than they will see from an increase in sales.

  4. Yi

    People who never bought manga will not start buying because of this. As such, I’m not sure what manga publishers accomplished except make less people like manga.

  5. Anonymouse

    If there’s any series you want to grab, there’s still a few days left.

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