I’ve returned from the planet of the Pikmin

Just yesterday I finished Pikmin. Part of that achievement was met with joy, I completed the game and got the best ending, but part of that was met with disappointment, as a game that will be remembered as my one of my favorite games was now over, although I’m sure I play the game again. What’s next on the list for me though is Pikmin 2.

Pikmin 2 picture, actually.

Pikmin follows the adventure of Olimar, a captain whose spaceship crashes on a strange planet. He discovers he’s alone, except for these strange creatures called Pikmin that will follow him and that he can throw around. His life support system can only keep him alive for 30 days. In those 30 days, Olimar struggles to travel the planet to find the parts he needs to rebuild his Spaceship. Pikmin is very much a puzzle/strategy game

This game is a real treat for fans of Science Fiction. The world of the Pikmin is colorful, in a goofy dreamlike sort of way, contains a huge bestiary, and even a complete ecosystem that Olimar makes notes on throughout the game. It’s absolutely fascinating.

Meanwhile, the Pikmin themselves are just too darn cute. Part plant, part creature, a lot of work was put into giving the Pikmin personality. They’ll greet you when they’re pulled up from the ground with a ‘Hello’ or ‘Whoopee!’, stumble and trip when they follow Olimar, celebrate every time a new part, and many other characteristics. The creators successfully make the Pikmin feel like real beings.

Yellow Pikmin are my favorite.

The version I played wasn’t the Gamecube version, but Nintendo’s rerelease onto the Wii. I found the Wii controls, for the most part easy to use, although sometimes it jumped around a little on the screen.

I had heard very little about Pikmin beyond that Olimar was in Brawl, and had no idea I was missing out so much. It’s an addictive, and I found it to be a really brilliant game.


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2 responses to “I’ve returned from the planet of the Pikmin

  1. I played a little bit of it on the Gamecube when it first came out. The wii seems to have more ideal controls for this type game since it leans towards an RTS style of gameplay. I never really got to sit down and play Pikmin since I never bought games for my Gamecube.

  2. Yi

    Those things are adorable!

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