Summer plans for Black and Blue Socks

Well, I think I’m going to sitting out of the new summer anime season. The only show I’m really interested in is Shiki, and especially with almost everything being picked up by Crunchyroll, I’m just not that interested. I’ll still be doing K-On and Heroman at Rabbitpoets, and Heartcatch Precure over here when I get caught up, but I’m not picking up anything new. I’m sure there’s some stuff I will watch, but right now, I just want to focus on catching up/finishing other shows, and it’s just like, ‘I’ll get around to the new stuff when I get around to it.’

Furthermore, I’m not going to be home enough to be able to easily follow anything episodically. I have church camp next week, where I’ll be gone all week, and then a family vacation in August and just a very busy time. It makes more sense to focus on a backlog.

So that’s what will be up with Black and Blue Socks this summer. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a roommate I need to write.


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4 responses to “Summer plans for Black and Blue Socks

  1. Hogart

    It’s NoitaminA for me all the way this season. Shiki looks promising, and Occult Academy was surprisingly frenetic. The rest were only mildly entertaining at best, as I’ve long lost any interest I might have had in samey zombie thrillers, tap-dancing evil butlers, generic coming-of-age shows involving yokai.. etc etc.

  2. Yi

    Not going to be following the summer season much huh?
    Same here. It’s a shame since there are quite a few shows I’m interested in. But there just isn’t enough time.

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