B Gata H Kei Review

Summery: Yamada is a sex obsessed high school girl who wishes to have one hundred fuck buddies. Problem is, she’s a virgin. When she sets her eyes on who she believes will be conquest number one, Kosuda, she finds a relationship growing between them.

Episode Count: 12

Why I Picked It Up: The first episode was hilarious, and I honestly liked the premise it.

Why I Finished It: I honestly really enjoyed this show. Rarely does anything in the media honestly acknowledge the sex drive of women, so having a girl obsessed with sex being the main focus of the show was a nice change of pace. Add this to the character of Yamada, a character who dreams big, but is completely inept at successfully executing, well, anything in the realm of dating. Put her next to Kosuda, a kind but clueless young man, that while he is indeed attracted to Yamada, he doesn’t want go too far and offend. This leads to an interesting combo. Using these guys, the producers add twists on the usual slice of life clichés, giving them a rather unusual twist. The end result is a 12 episode long with a romantic comedy.

This romantic comedy comes with a cute relationship developing between Kosuda and Yamada. While this anime does indeed fall into the pitfalls of not fully developing their relationship like most anime, it develops it further then most anime, and well, it’s adorable.

Not that the anime is perfect. The production values are lacking. Aside from Yamada and Kosuda, the rest of the cast while quirky (I liked Misato), is paper thin. The side characters of Angel Beats had more depth. It dragged a little in the middle.

In the end, this anime it just pure dirty fun, even though with the use of many censor images a lot is left to the imagination, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It wasn’t perfect, but I doubt I’ll see enough romantic comedy anime that’ll make me laugh this much in a long time. Sorry, even Arakawa Under the Bridge, also airing this season, didn’t make me laugh as much as this.

Who Would I Recommend This To: I actually made my boyfriend watch this.

My rating: 3/5-I liked it.

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