Thoughts on Pokemon Black and White

I have a lot of mixed feeling about the upcoming Pokemon Black and White, as Nintendo has promised that Black and White will be completely unlike the previous games. From what I’ve seen so far, it appears to be a mixture of Pokemon Ranger and the former Pokemon games. The best to describe it is there are things I like, and there are things I’m nervous about.

Nintendo’s doing something completely different, which makes me wonder, why fix the format if it isn’t broke? There are many things I could guess, not wanting their format to get stale, wanting their games to be something more, but nothing that really stands out to me. No matter the why, Nintendo has made the choice, and what remains to see is if the choice will be positive or negative. Anyone who’s followed Nintendo’s pokemon spin-offs knows that their experimentation can lead to something really cool, (Pokemon Ranger games, second generation of Pokemon Dungeon) or something really crappy (Those rpgs for the Gamecube.)

Nintendo’s also making a big deal of overhauling the graphics. I personally hope they don’t focus too much on the graphic, and forget about keeping the gameplay, well, good. How I feel about fancy graphics is how I feel about big penis sizes (based on second hand information). A big penis is nice, but if you don’t have any technique to accompany it, a big penis is worthless. If a penis is too big, it can also ruin the experience. Pokemon has never been a game that’s been about having fancy graphics, and I’m hoping the experience will be just as enjoyable. Especially with the tweaking of the gameplay.

On the other hand, even with all my concerns, I love the designs of the new pokemon. I personally think that the designs of the starters are the best we’ve seen since the second generation, and I’m enjoying the others I’m seeing as well. For now, I’m having fun imaging the final forms and possible types for the starters. Maybe Grass/Dark for Tsutaja? Fire/Steel for Pokabu? I suppose we’ll see.

It seems silly to worry about this now, as who knows when we’ll see them in the States. However, I’ll be sorely disappointed if this game doesn’t come with a Pokewalker.


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4 responses to “Thoughts on Pokemon Black and White

  1. I’m very excited about the new games. I think Nintendo is changing many things for novelty and to give fans fresh things to play and discuss. It is a 15 year old series after all, and they want to keep the games from getting stale or falling behind the times as far as graphics and gameplay capabilities. I’m not fussy at all when it comes to Pokemon games – except for the first Mystery Dungeon, I’ve loved all the Pokemon games I’ve played since 1999, so I can’t imagine not loving Black & White =) Awesome graphics and 3 vs 3 battles already have me super psyched!

  2. Yi

    After more than a decade, more Pokemon are still being discovered huh?

    I’ve always loved Pokemon so I’m looking forward to this.

  3. amber

    im so excited about pokemon black and white espically 3vs3 battles it will be awsome i cant wait i think i might already have a new favourite pokemon 🙂 i have loved pokemon since i was 3

  4. angelblast1997

    I havent play it yet, And I know which are is my favorite pokemons. Serperior and Sawsbuck

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