Memento Review

I’m actually not here to talk about how great Christopher Nolan in, and how this is further proof of his genius. I kinda forgot who he was, but when I looked him up to write this review, I realized he was the Batman guy. Batman Begins was fun. I fell asleep during The Dark Knight, and concluded the part I saw was terrible. So no rabid Nolan fangirls here. Yet, I was very impressed by this film.

Summery: Leonard Shelby is determined to find his wife’s rapist and murderer. Problem is he has no short term memory. But he won’t let that stop him. And the film opens with what we think is the murder of his killer. Yet, as the film we goes on, the viewer realizes that nothing is as it seems.

Why I Picked It Up: Memento is often referred to as one of those must see movies, and when the chance came to see it, I took it.

Why I Finished It: I feel like the best way to describe this as this movie delivers everything that a psychological thriller should be. The great story is well-executed with the different story-telling used, as well as the compelling performances given by actors. Especially given by Shelby, who comes out innocent, sympathic, ruthless, terrifying, and sexy throughout the movie. My only complaint is that the movie did feel a little long at point.

Who would I recommend this to: Anyone looking for a psychological thriller.

Rating: 5/5


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2 responses to “Memento Review

  1. Definitely a powerful film: innovative story structure and a bit disturbing.

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