Angel Beats 13: The End

Angels Beats begins on a disappointing note. In all the other side characters, such as TK, Ooyama, etc, that I’d come to loved have at this point already vanished. Without even so much as a send-off as even the last people in the episode got. I mean really? They deserved better. But apparently, only Otonashi, Hinata, Naoi, Yuri, and Tachibana get a proper send-off. Heck, all those minor characters were around longer then Naoi. Dammit! They could have easily been added into the graduation ceremony, and by all means, should have been. Gah, I am so angry about this.

I wonder if anyone else sensed the irony of Tachibana writing the lyrics. After all, the Battlefront was created with one of the purposes of defeating her. Tachibana’s really changed in this episode from being a monotone kick-ass warrior to just a normal girl. It’s a nice development for her, but I don’t feel it was well built up.

The graduation was kinda touchy. It played on the quirks on the characters, and the piece that played was downright gorgeous. But to be blunt, it was kinda dull as well. I think I’m still burned out on graduation.

Naoi’s goodbye was really sad to me. Poor guy. I loved the juxtaposition of hum not wanting any womanly tears, and then he started crying. I’m glad Yuri apologized to Tachibana, after everything Yuri put her through. And then Hinata was gone, and for him, I hope he finds peace. His speech was somehow the most emotional at all of them.

On the plus side, for the Tachibana and Otanashi shippers, which includes me, we get a love confession when Otanshi gets cold feet about moving on, which causes a total squee moment in me.

In a moment of major revelation, we find out that the reason Tachibana hasn’t moved on is she’s here for one reason. To thank Otonashi for donating his heart. This moment of confession between the two is seriously one of the most touching things I’ve seen in awhile.

By the ending, I was flat out teary, romantic sucker I am. I loved what they did with the ending theme as it kind of made of up for leaving out the characters before. The little thing after that makes about as much sense to me as you, but I’m thinking that’s the two reincarnated. Or it could be them finding each other in heaven. I hope they find the rest of the gang in their next life/in heaven as well, I’m imaging the fanart and fanfiction now. A lot was left unexplained, but to me, the ending was satisfying enough. I’m not that bothered by the loose ends, I suppose reading Track Zero helped me get a better understanding on what Madea was trying to do. Some of it was meant to not be explained. Furthermore, I guess it says something that I’ve come to expect endings of anime series not to wrap up series.

She's so cute like this~

And as I’m a romantic sucker, more romantic screenshots here. By the way, when TK reincarnates, he’ll be Chuck Norris. Also, in America, becoming an organ donor is very easy. I’m one myself! If you’re not, and are interested, talk to the people at the DMV next time you have to boring crap there.


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6 responses to “Angel Beats 13: The End

  1. aaah such a touching ending…
    at first i didn’t understand the whole heart thing, and when otonashi suggested they stay and help others move on, i’m like, “yes!!!!”
    then she disappeared T_T
    but how did he disappear as well?
    and i WISH and i HOPE they make a season 2….13 episodes is too short 😦
    anyway, one of the best animes, and a great ending 🙂 five stars

  2. FlameStrike

    Yes I agree with you there, Kanade x Otanashi is the best. That pretty much made the ending for me. AB was not without it’s flaws, but it was a good watch to me.

  3. charizardpal

    Gotta say, I’d have liked it more if Kaneda had more personality through the series. I mean for a normal girl, she acted just like a robot.

    Then theres the plot hole of why she showed up in the world first, when Otonashi died first to give her his heart…

    • I think she’d gotten use to repressing her feelings. A lot of her initial interaction is Otonashi coaxing her to express herself.

      I’m not sure why this is. I’d rather not try to make sense of last episode, but from that, one would think the chances of him encountering her would have been very slim.

  4. Well, for all the “plot twists” that seemed like random stuff happening, and the questionable mish-mash of moods and ideas, I will say the producers managed to put something together that felt “big”. I wouldn’t call it logical or consistent, but it comes pretty close to being “epic”. In the end it did seem like they were struggling to put together something more than a simple comedy or action show.

    Sometimes you want to experience something immense, and Angel Beats did seem to be tackling something big. I think it is possible to craft a better show, but I give them props for digging into big themes like “is life worth living?”

  5. It was entertaining, I think that’s a point many viewers can agree upon.

    Angel Beats! was not perfect (no franchise can claim to such), and indeed was very flawed in execution despite having a very promising premise, but it never failed to deliver in the entertainment department. This, despite the pacing and plot issues, as well as the flip-flopping tone of the narrative.

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