Angel Beats -Track Zero- 5-7 and Bonus Chapter

My lovely boyfriend was able to track down chapters five, six, and seven for me. On a side note, I looked up my blog ranking on Animenano and despite having been pretty neglectful of this blog, I’m in the top 50? That makes no sense, I mean thanks guys.

Chapter 5 covers Yuri’s first discovery of the guild and better explains the weapon making process. It also makes me feel really sorry for Ooyama, as he dies in this chapter, thanks to Noda. Poor guy. In chapter 5 is where Noda joins the group. Although Noda’s background isn’t gone into, he’s further developed as a character, like Ooyama, enough that we can see some of the issues that may be haunting him. Noda also has a bad tendency to run away whenever he suspects Yuri being in a relationship with someone else. Also, here is where we meet Shiina, although Yuri thinks Shiina is the final boss of the dungeon.

Chapter 6 is the fight with Shiina where she kicks our heroes butt. The Bruce Springsteen reference in there made me pretty happy too.

Chapter 7 has the group trying to escape Shiina as she keeps trying to attack them. Tachibana interferes, protecting them. Kinda interesting that despite this, Yuri remains convinced Tachibana is evil. After this Yuri decides to form the Battlefront, with it having its first name as the ‘Afterlife Battlefront.” The Battlefront reorganizes, and then defeats Shiina, then adopts her into the group. Yuri also declares that the Battlefront will not ask anyone about their past. After that, they go to establish their base inside the school, and well, that’s it for Angel Beats Track Zero!

I’m a little disappointed we never found out about Ooyama’s past to be honest, I think it’s one of those things that are just going to continue to bug me. Reading this also made me regret Chaa not getting a bigger role in the anime. He’s a likable and pretty cool character.

However, there was also a bonus chapter focusing on the GirlsDeMo. I was pretty excited to find that it’s from Sekine’s point on view. I’d developed a soft spot for Sekine through out the series, and now she gets her own chapter. It just gives the chapters more depth, though they’re some pretty cool characters.

If I’m right, chapters 5-7 should be at

The GirlsDeMo chapter is at

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