Messing with layouts

I’ve come to realize that I am absolutely bored with my current layout, and want to experiment with some new layouts.

However, if what I’m using disagrees with you, I implore you, please say something. I’m not going to mad if you don’t like a layout, and wordpress has a lot that are free to use. I just want something *different*. This layout just allow me to change the background color, so if think the color should be different, offer a suggestion.

After all, I’m bored.

Also revamping some other things on the website .


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6 responses to “Messing with layouts

  1. I like this peach color for Summer. Its bright and warm, like a day at the beach.

  2. I already forget what the old theme looked like so I guess it was time for something new. I like this theme, if I didn’t like my current theme so much I might have switched when this one was released. I noticed one little graphical hiccup, and I don’t know if it’s just me, the category drop-down box is excessively long and looks out of place.

  3. Yi

    I like this Asian flavor and soft pastel colors. Very pretty. ^ ^

  4. RP

    Nice, I’m liking the new look!

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