Angel Beats 12: Cannot compute…

Last episode left off on one heck of a cliff-hanger. So where are we now?

The episode opens with basically all the non-fighters clearing the scene, led by the GirlsDeMo. Considering how violent things get, I’m glad they made that choice, as I’d hate for anything bad to happen to them. It seems though, what kept a good deal of people from moving on was the existence of the Battlefront. Still, it’s very sad to see them go, as they’ve been such a big part of the series, even if these three didn’t get their characters as developed.

I really enjoyed the fight between the shadows and the Battlefront. It was as if everyone decided to be cool. Even Oyama mans up. The quality throughout this sequence is surprisingly high for Angel Beats as well, which just made everyone look even cooler.

Mastuhita though…just how long was that guy in the mountains? He must have starved to death four or five times to lose that much weight. I liked him better when he was chubby too.

Unfortunately, we get to the second half of the episode and everything goes way downhill. The series has been rushed, but that was just way too rushed. Mixing in Yuri’s speech, the secret of the world, and explaining Otonashi was too much information. It came out as a jumbled mess that left no impact on me.

The only parts I liked was where Yuri seemed like she might confess to having a crush on Tachibana, and when Yuri went “F this crap.” and shot the computers.  At that point I was cheering Yuri on to end this mumbo jumbo nonsense.

The end was a tease, but one that gives me hope that when the people move on, they end up in paradise, and reunited with their loved ones.

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  1. I am overwhelmed by how little sense can be made of this series. I guess that makes it a masterpiece in its own way. I was really disappointed at the end, though when I realized there is still another episode.

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