The character assassinaton of Kida

A lot of different fans of Durarara, until episode 22, found that Durarara just hasn’t been quite as good as it was. I have to agree, although what irks me the most is the character assassination of Kida. And no, I’m not talking about Fandom’s sudden choice to slash him with Izaya as they’ve gotten tired of Shizuo apparently.

Beforehand, Kida was a pretty complicated character, with his outwardly over-dramatic yet go-lucky self, yet deep down it was revealed that it was a mask he put up. In reality, he noticed more then his friends realized, and seemed to be very intelligent as well as fiercely protective. I looked foreword to when Kida would come into play, as he was one of my favorite characters and I identified with him. However, he’s been changed into a semi-crazy angsty, shallow, and plain annoying character. Although the boy can throw a punch.

However, the storyline called for an antagonist at this point to get the ball rolling, and Kida fit the role. The problem with Kida is that he loves and wants to protect both his friends so putting him in a role where he’d be against them would be difficult. The only choice was for to Kida to have this past trauma that’s shaped him in such a way that his method of ‘protecting’ Anri turned him into an antagonist. The only problem is he keeps angsting about his baggage and current situation any chance he gets.

I will admit that a lot of his behavior and character changes are believable. The problem is his ‘angst’. It just doesn’t fit the Kida that was presented previously. It seems so unnatural that whenever he goes on his rants that rather then feel any sympathy for him I’m turned off by it. Yes, Kida had bad stuff that happened to him, it just feels like Kida would be coping in a different way.

Kida’s had his cool moments in this arc. He was pretty bad-ass when he was having his conversation with the otaku gang. It’s just that the angst is ruining any potential he has.

Unfortunately, I don’t see Kida returning to his former self. Unless some serious anime magic happens, the relationship dynamics between the three are never going to be the same, and he’s just going to mope all through the probably going to happen sequel.


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8 responses to “The character assassinaton of Kida

  1. I think there is even a chance that he has an even worse future ahead of him. He might not die, but now that he has been framed in the shooting of Shizuo, I’m worried that he will at least go to jail.

    He definitely was a character who seemed like he had great potential. Ever since we saw the way Izaya screwed with him in the Blue Squares incident, I’ve felt that Kida was heading for a bad ending.

  2. Roger

    I do miss the epic character from episode 2 and save for 18 and to a lesser degree 19 I’m not at all happy with this arcs execution but never fear, he gets better. Not his relationship with hi friends, no until a third seaso at least and by then Mikado will no longer be the person he used to be but he loses his angst, mostly.

  3. Roger

    I meant episode 5 not 2 BTW.

  4. Roger

    23 had him resolve his angst, pity it didn’t have a better animation budget though

  5. Roger

    Now that the anime season has concluded what do we think? I’d say they did us justice as far as Kida is concerned (along with Saki probably the only character that actually got an ending).

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