Now…who dun it?

This post is going to focus on the idea that it’s one person, although it will allude to that it might be two or more people. Actually, I think multiple people being behind the shadows would make more sense. Well, without further to ado…


Why It Could Be Him:

-He’s in charge of the production of weapons, it seems all weapons in this world need to be ‘programed’ so he’d have to be well versed in computers.

-He’s associated with the guild

-Chaa and his girlfriend were searching for a perfect utopia, he may be trying to create that,

Why it couldn’t be him:

-He hasn’t been seen since episode 2. Chaa’s not even considered important enough to appear in the opening or ending theme. It would be random to put him back in the story. Wait, that neglect alone would motivate me to try to do something evil…

My Conclusion: Likely


Why It Could Be Him:

-The strange way he was acting may not have been his soul being eaten, but rather him putting on an act, or so the theory goes. After all, it was a bit extreme. Since I don’t buy it at all, it’s hard to explain.

Why It Couldn’t Be Him:

-He has no apparent motivation.

-For him to pull it off an act, he’d probably need the help of someone else

-The shadows also tried to eat Naoi. If it were to be an act, why was Naoi attacked?

My Conclusion: Highly unlikely. I think this theory is a ‘Hail Mary’ by fans to keep him from having the bad end.


Why It Could Be Him:

-T.K. is so freaking awesome, he’s capable of anything.

-Some fans theorize that he’s the true God of the world. He is the biggest enigma…

Why It Couldn’t Be Him

-T.K. can’t sit still. How could he program?

-He’s shown in the ‘good guy reflective montage’ at the end of the episode

-If T.K. was going to do something evil, it’d be epic and awesome, and he’d be at the forefront of it. He wouldn’t hide behind a computer screen.

My Conclusion: Highly Unlikely


Why It Could Be Him:

-He said he was going to train in the mountain, and hasn’t been seen since. Who knows if he’s really training, or what he’s doing.

-He’s not really the loyal type. While this was poked fun at-turning down Hinata for food-it a serious point here

Why It Couldn’t Be Him:

-His big hands might make it hard to type.

-Maybe he really is in the mountains.

-No obvious motive.

Conclusion: Very Likely


Why It Could Be Him:

-He claims he’s ‘God’

-In the sociopath part of his mind, maybe he believes it will help Otonashi achieve his goal

Why It Couldn’t Be Him

-He was shocked by the appearance of the shadows

-It would displease Otonashi, and he would never do anything to upset Otonashi.

-I think he’s too immature to pull this off

Conclusion: Highly Unlikely


Why It Could Be Him:

-He’s a computer genius

-His diary on the computer. Hope for tomorrow, or a message with a darker meaning behind it?

Why It Couldn’t Be Him:

-How can you take Takeyama seriously?

-Part of the good guy montage.

Conclusion: Somewhat Likely

….or it could a new character altogether. While I think it would be cheap to throw in a new character if the new character was working alone, if it were a new character working with some of the older characters, I think it would work. Some people suggest Otonashi’s sister, I think there’s no way. Yuri’s sibling on the other hand, I could see. The flaw would be, how have the character’s remain hidden for so long?

Guess we’ll see next week.


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2 responses to “Now…who dun it?

  1. This is an admirable attempt to make sense of AB. I personally think it is going to be something just as random as the rest of the show has been. Either a brand new character will be introduced, or it will be something that makes even less sense.

    If I had to go with one of the characters you featured, I would pick Takeyama. His motive? Nobody will call him Christ.

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