Angel Beats: It was for a noble cause…RIP…


At least with the BAD END he got free Lasik.

Seriously? I mean, he didn’t get a big role or anything, but he was still amusing. I also thought he was really hot without his shirt. I like stripping nerds. And that’s how he goes? Pretty much the worse way possible? I’m…pretty sad about that, actually.

Tachibana's wings kinda make up for it.

Also, I hate to admit it. I mean, really hate to. But Naoi is really growing on me. He’s turning into one of my favorite characters.  He’s such a naive little kid at heart…with a sociopath streak.

He was pretty funny in this episode.

At first I wasn’t impressed by the shadow thing. I actually thought it was really dumb. But then as it developed, and I realized what it represented, I guess its okay. Afterall, they advance the storyline and aren’t pointless. It also created a really cool fight scene. The characters are left between a rock and a hard place…the unknown, or losing their soul.

I have to congratulate Yuri for not encouraging them to fight the shadows at all coasts, but rather, realizing that what Otonashi was presenting was a viable solution. That must have been really hard for her, although Yuri made it look effortless. Well, Yuri was pretty cool in this episode, although her farewell scene took FOREVER.

Otonashi did get busted too quickly, but I can forgive that as this is a 13 episode series that should have been longer. Yes, it’s rushed, but it has to be to get the whole story in.

I really liked the montage of all the people thinking of their options. It touched me on a deeper level, the way they were examining their life, reflecting over everything, and doing there favorite things with this ‘One last time before I go forward.’ with this solemn mood. Regardless of their choice, the group of them isn’t going to be the same again, and really, they have a lot to think about.

At this point, it seems TK’s, as well as many other characters’ stories are only going to be findable in the manga.. Oh, and the light novel. Alas. But then again, I’m not sure I really want to know TK’s. I kinda like him as is, and I don’t him to turn into ‘TK the emo boy’.

Of course, it ends on a dramatic cliff hanger. I guess I’ll make a post about the suspects (Yes, I think it’s Chaa). I assume it’s a character we know, though it doesn’t have to be. Angel Beats is kinda random, afterall. It DOES have to be a character with computer skills though.


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5 responses to “Angel Beats: It was for a noble cause…RIP…

  1. I wasn’t totally sure I understood the last episode, then this episode seemed like it was at least two steps ahead of me. Perhaps I need to get some sleep.

    It was good to see that Yuri knew about O. and Kanade’s secret plan. They were so obvious in what they were doing that I was thinking Yuri must be really dumb. I like her better smart.

    By saying someone who understands computers, do you mean Christ?

  2. Every time I think I know where this show is going, it always throws me for a loop. I don’t know how they’re gonna wrap it up in just two more episodes, but I’m looking forward to seeing it.

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see further resolution on the fate of megane-stripper-guy. His state now is just too ambiguous/ill-explained and too tied-in with the enigma of these new shadow-things that I’ll be disappointed if this is the last we’ll hear of him.

    I really liked the montage of all the people thinking of their options.

    As long as we’re not thinking about how shadow-things could just randomly appear and how Yurippe just warned everyone to stay in groups at all costs 😉

    And Naoi is nao Sunohara.

  4. Yi

    The montage of all the characters is the only part I liked about the episode. I guess my problem is that the shadow thingies felt way too random for me.

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