Head Trip or What I Was Distracted By Yesterday

Yesterday, my boyfriend posted a comic from a webcomic called Head Trip written by a lovely lady named Shinga. I read the comic he posted, laughed, went back a few strips, and next thing I knew, I was starting over from the beginning and reading the whole thing rather then doing a whole bunch of other stuff I guess I should have been doing…

I’m not a big webcomic fan. I had a handful I use to read, but in the past year due to life issues, that’s dropped down to only Unsheleved, and that’s because it keeps appearing in my inbox. The time it would take to get caught back up on them…well, that’s not the point. The point is, I’m not much of a webcomic person. And in truth, this isn’t the first time I’ve seen Head Trip. The first time was when everyone was linking me to her Twillight comic, which while mildly amusing, wasn’t enough to entice me to checking out more. At this point, I was just tolerating the Twillight haters and same way I was tolerating the fans.

Going back and reading it though, I realized that my past dismissal lead to me missing out. The main concept of the comic is based off of the author’s life, and her acting her violent desires that we all have, which is frickening awesome. However, when more serious things happen in the author’s life, her webcomic take a more serious turn. At the same time, her webcomic also covers commentary on current pop culture, especially tv shows.

A tidbit to try to get you, the reader, interested in the webcomic.

The best part of her webcomic is ‘The Adventures of Chemoboy and Emoboy!’ What starts out as poking fun at superhero stories turns into a honest-to-god amazing and emotionally compelling superhero story. I am eagerly awaiting the next installment.

Although she doesn’t update as often as other webcomic, but she has real life to deal with. I can understand that.

So yeah. Here’s the link to Head Trip should you hopefully be interested. And I’ll go back to watching what I’m suppose to be watching and blogging it.

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  1. I’m glad to see more Shinga fans out there. I stumbled upon Head Trip on accident about half a year ago. She’s got some brilliant strips on there, and now I check the site once a week for updates.

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