Being mortal

Just last week, a few of my classmates were in a pretty serious car accident. One of them was in my homeroom, and I got to talk to him today. He actually got off with the least serious injuries, although I think it’s safe to say it was really traumatic for him, and from my impression, it still seems difficult for him to talk about. Which is understandable. Of the other two, one broke his collarbone in four places, and the other is still is the hospital with a punctuated lung.

The one who is in my classmate in homeroom was talking about it a little bit today, and I’m sure it was a moment that’ll stick with me for the rest of life. “When I opened my eyes, I couldn’t see anything but red-at the time, my eyes were completely full of blood. I was sure that I was dead, and that was it.” The haunted look the accompanied his face. And really, it’s a miracle that they all are still alive.

I suppose it was one of those moment where it clicks the life is well, kinda fragile. We’re told how the problem with teenagers is that we believe that we’re immortal, and that’s true. Not just for us, but for those around us we interact with on a daily basis. I mean, we’re suppose to live for what feels like forever, and the chances of anything bad happening are so slim. Except they do happen.

And we’re not immortal. All of us, as people, are fragile. Even if we don’t die, we can wake up, something happens, and our life is never the same. We’re forever changed as a person. But as these significant things happen rarely, of course we got caught up in the petty thing.

It’s kinda ironic. Today was my last day of high school. And the first day I was actually aware of mortality.

And yeah, maybe this is too intimate to be on an anime blog, but it’s my blog, and I’ll post it if I want to.


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6 responses to “Being mortal

  1. Mark W

    I lost my best friend to a dumb-ass accident on the last day of our high school career. It changed my life.

    My sympathies to you, and to your classmates.

  2. RP

    Wow. I’m glad to hear they’re going to be ok. Tragedies. Like you mention, you just never think they’re possible, then one day, it just happens.

  3. Tragedies strikes and they can be very hard. Our families have suffered one towards the end of last year when one of our uncles have died from complications from panaceas cancer, a type of cancer which is dubbed as a silent killer. My grandmother is still having a somewhat hard time getting over it, after several months… It’s very difficult to get over these things, especially it is one of your children.

    I put my full condolences to the people who are unfortunate. I hope it works out fine in the end because I know its going to be very tough to get over…

    On the sidenote, congrats on graduating high school.

  4. According to the rumors among my university’s students, the time near graduation ceremony is prone to serious accidents and occasionally, death. Glad no one got seriously injured 🙂

  5. Well the important part is that they’re alive. I had a similar case during high-school senior year when several classmates got into an accident – only difference is they’re all dead =\
    Congratulations on graduating nevertheless. o/

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