Angel Beats 09: Changing Directions

Back from a most excellent con, and back to blogging.Wow, a huge amount of revelation in this episode, with most of the questions answered. Still, what a fine episode.

I was pretty tense through the Otonashi’s past part 2, as well, it had to end on a tragic note. He’s dead now. It wasn’t as tragic as I was expecting, and I felt it worked. I thought all the people would die, but rather, Otonashi died having inspired and probably saved those people. The sad thing is, Otonashi doesn’t know that those people survived, as he didn’t get to live long enough to see it.

At the end of the episode, Tachibana explains what’s going on in the world. While it’s nice to have some answers, I’m going to miss speculating. Still, it’s pretty nice idea although still, if having no regrets means you can disappear, why the heck is Naoi still around?

Now the goal of the series will be to make everyone disappear with Yuri currently appearing to be the hardest of the lot. We still have four episodes, but I doubt everyone is going to be fleshed out. Though I hope all the main players we’ll find a little bit about. Eh…I just really want a TK backstory. Seems next week we’ll find out all about Yui at the very least. I’ll try to feign some enthusiasm. Maybe she’ll disappear next week.


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7 responses to “Angel Beats 09: Changing Directions

  1. No I want a spin off about “regular” school life with Kanade. fkwjaerij4o5qiefpuwSJDOJOPS*u59itjgo

  2. Wait, which con did you go to? Fanime con? (If so, I will be SO PUMPED.)

  3. It was a pretty good episode. AB has managed to stay surprisingly interesting, even though we just ended up pretty much where I had expected from the beginning.

  4. Yi

    I actually really liked this episode. I thought that Ootonashi’s character was developed so well. And the last bit of the tunnel scene was really touching too.

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