Boring seems to be quite an insult

If you want to insult someone in anime, the best way seems to be to call them boring.

One of Yamada’s many insults toward Kosuda is that he’s boring, actually that and the fact that he’s an idiot seem to be the main ones. Unfortunately for Kosuda, she’s kinda right about that. On the other hand…

Nothing makes the great sister’s war wound open up quite like calling him boring.  Of all the awful insults Maria throws at him, and that’s the one that does it.

To be honest, I’m sure why ‘boring’ has such an impact. A cultural thing, or translation thing? Maybe. But it’s an interesting observation.


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8 responses to “Boring seems to be quite an insult

  1. I was pretty sure this transcended cultures. It’s a deadly insult when you’re trying to form a relationship with someone, especially a romantic one, since being called ‘boring’ is like saying that it’s a waste of time hanging around you; that you’re just a generic human with no individuality. I mean, would you make friends with a stale robot? xD

    • Personally, I never saw it as a deadly insult, then again, I’ve been described as boring. XD

      Still, being ‘bored’ or saying this is ‘boring’ is such a part of day to day life, it’s lost any power.

  2. The ones most affected by getting called ‘boring’ are mostly the ones who consciously or subconsciously want to be extraordinary/special. That’s what I think. 🙂

  3. Yi

    I can think of nothing worse.

  4. It probably just hit the nail on the head :p

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